Some Largest and Most Visited Malls in Bangladesh

Some Largest and Most Visited Malls in Bangladesh

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Some Largest and Most Visited Malls in Bangladesh Some Largest and Most Visited Malls in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world.
The country is in the development phase that’s why many new projects have been started. In the running projects, many shopping malls are also included because the existing malls are insufficient to meet the needs of the current population. However, we cannot deny the fact that the country has many famous shopping malls which are visited by thousands of people daily. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Mohakhali General Market

Mohakhali is a busy area of Dhaka City. There are many offices and institutions located in this area. Also the bus terminal of this area is one of the busiest terminals. It looks like a hawker’s market at start but in 1983 the city corporation built a 2 storey building, therefore later on, the building got the name of Mohakhali General Market. On the ground floor, you’ll see the grocery items like fish, vegetables, rice, fruits and all other daily use products. Electronics, garments, stationery and other things are found on the 2nd floor. In 1st floor, a mosque is located. This market is visited by the people of Mohakhali and other nearby areas.

Farmgate Street Market

In this market of Dhaka, you’ll find every item ranging from garments for men, women and kids, electronic items, crockery, household items, home décor, kid’s toys and many more. Many restaurants, food corners, tea bars, cigarette shops are also found near the store. Near the market is a small nice park situated which provides a good place of entertainment for the kids to enjoy and visit with the family.

Mirpur Banarashi Polli

This market is famous for their clothing items and especially for the wedding costumes. In this market, you’ll find a wide variety of fancy clothes. The finest variety of Banarashi and Jamdani are some of the examples. Initially, only the merchants and traders could buy from here for retail sale to the public. They buy from that market at cheap rates and then sale out at a higher price to the public. But now the situation has changed, ordinary customers can also buy the variety of clothes directly. The price of the Banarashi Sari starts from TK 2,000 to 70,000 depending upon the embroidery. These costumes are exported to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and other Asian countries where this type of costumes are really in fashion.

Metro Shopping Mall

With the modernization and renovation in the world, this country also changed itself in many ways. The metro mall is the example of great work in Bangladesh. It is a luxurious mall of the state consisting of six storey building. In each floor there are about 41 shops where you’ll find a lot of branded and luxurious items, both local and international. If you feel like shopping for these kinds of things, then the Metro shopping mall is a great place to check.

A Piece of Advice

Now that you know the different shopping malls and markets in Bangladesh, it’s now the right time for you to decide of which amongst these shopping centers are you going to visit in case you’ll have your vacation. However, put in mind that regardless of your status the prices don’t change therefore you don’t really need to have good bargaining skills. Explore the markets and shopping centres of Bangladesh and enjoy meeting different kinds of people.

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