Be a Leader: How to Gain Respect

Be a Leader: How to Gain Respect

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 Be a Leader: How to Gain Respect

Leader Be a Leader: How to Gain Respect

Are you struggling to gain respect? Leadership is not easy and can be a horrifying experience if no one respects you. As a matter of fact, there is no point of being a leader if the due respect is not accorded. The reality however is that respect cannot be forced on individuals but it has to be earned. Even if you are the boss, you can never demand respect but can command respect. It all depends on what you do. Here are some small secrets on how to gain respect as a leader.

Have a Positive Attitude

The reason as to why you are a leader is because others have to look up to your guidance. If you are always negative and bitter, people will question your leadership capabilities and lose their respect for your position. Therefore, if you want to be respected, be a leader who is always optimistic and sees possibilities even in an impossible situation.

Have Time for your Subjects

One important aspect of gaining respect as a leader is ingrained in the time you are willing to spend with those you are leading. Create time to know your subjects, time to listen to their issues, time to encourage them and chat with them. In this way, you are not only creating respect but also friendship and loyalty. Remember that you are not a boss over your subjects to command them and threaten them at will but a leader to show them what to do, when to do it and how to do it and then let them do it. Always have time to commend work well done and to encourage the struggling with the aim of making them better.

Be Principled

A good leader who deserves respect will always stand for some ideals that he believes in. Having principles is the beginning of earning the respect of others. People love consistent leaders because they can be trusted and their words are often taken seriously. Therefore, ensure that when you make a promise, you fulfill it and when you set rules, you are the first to abide by them. As a leader, never compromise on your principles.

Respect Others

Respect is two way and there is no way others are going to respect you if you don’t respect them. Therefore, for you to be a leader, you have to respect the opinion and voice of others. When you respect those you are leading, they will respect you and love you even more. However, when you are rude and proud, they will always hate you and look for ways of bringing you down.

Being a leader is one thing and gaining the respect of those you are leading is another. As much as the above points may help you in the right direction, leadership is dynamic and the environment for every leader differs greatly from that of another. Therefore, it all calls for wisdom and for a leader to access himself and know exactly what he is doing wrong that prevents his subjects from respecting him.

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