How to Leave a Good Impression in 60 Seconds

How to Leave a Good Impression in 60 Seconds

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 How to Leave a Good Impression in 60 Seconds

It has been told that you won’t get a second chance for an interview to leave a good impression. Here are some advices that will show you how to leave a good impression each time, an image that would help you to achieve what you want in business.

Image Counts

If you need success in business, the image is crucial. For a manager, this is reflected on the entire company. The way he or she salutes the partners and the way he dresses are in fact a part of the company’s image. If this seems unfair, think about the way people analyzer the smallest part of their lives, such as the car that we are driving, the mailing paper that we use and even the way we decorate our office.

Evaluate and Analyze Your Image

Take a moment to analyze yourself. Are you dressed accordingly with the domain in which you work? Are your clothes professional? Is your hair arranged? How about the car? Do you work in a domain where you risk to be judged considering the car that you drive? If an artist shows up at the theater in an old car, in some weird clothes, this might not create controversies, but the same situation is disastrous for a businessperson.

Make Sure that the Promotional Materials Reflect Your Image

When you evaluate your image, take a look at the marketing materials that you use. In fact, those must be the first in the marketing strategy. You must use quality paper when you send documents to your business partners, but maybe the heading of those papers might have gold or silver nuances. Every little details counts, if you want your clients to have a good opinion about you.

Build a Professional Image

There is a substitute for professionalism all the time. If you are able to impose the next behavioral habits within your company: it is important for somebody to read every document that comes out of your office. This means mail, marketing materials or business proposals. Always be calm and ready to give a helping hand when you answer the phone. People like to do business with positive and cheerful persons.

Adopt the Right Attitude

Recommend somebody when you can’t handle a situation. People will respect honesty. Offer products of good quality. Always do what you have promised and don’t disappoint clients. Never underestimate competition. When a client is in difficulty, help.

When you are tired, and you wake up in the morning with eyebags, try to call the day off if possible. If not, try to avoid meeting with clients. Of course, this does not mean to cancel all the meetings that you have established, but at least don’t establish new ones. If you must meet with somebody, start the discussion by excusing yourself, and make sure that at least all the other details, such as your suit and hair are in order. The excuse will show that you are also not happy with the way you look, reducing the negative impact. On the other hand, for the next meeting with the respective client, you will have to make sure that you look absolutely perfect.

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