LuLu the Magnificent Shopping Mall

LuLu the Magnificent Shopping Mall

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LuLu the Magnificent Shopping Mall 300x199 LuLu the Magnificent Shopping Mall

LuLu is one of the biggest shopping mall in Asia.
The facility sits on a seven acre piece of land. This magnificent shopping mall which is situated in Kerala is owned by LuLu Investment and is expected to employ over 8,000 people when it is operating fully. It is further expected to generate over 20,000 jobs indirectly making it a single mall that employs thousands of people in Asia.

LuLu the Biggest Shopping Mall has Everything you Need

If you are living in this area or you are visiting India, this is the place you should consider stopping by to shop. The facility is expected to bring a new shopping experience to the residents and tourists who will get an opportunity to visit the area. It is further expected that most of the world’s known brands will rent shops at this mall. This will obviously make Kochi a destination of choice. The mall’s parking facility is expected to accommodate approximately 3,000 cars at a time. This magnificent shopping mall will also have Marriot restaurants and already the food court that is available at the facility can accommodate 3,500 people at a single setting with over 18 food counters set to serve the clients.

LuLu’s Movie Experience

Lulu the biggest shopping mall in Asia has facility set to cater 9 cinema screens serving approximately 2,250 seats. It is further estimated that this magnificent shopping mall will start breaking even in a span of 22 years. The mall is unique and is poised to match the Europe’s leading malls and also give them a run for their money. LuLu doesn’t only offer a 2D or 3D experience; it offers even 5D experience with its PVR Cinemas.

What LuLu Shopping Complex Have For You

The LuLu shopping complex is spacious and is capable of hosting any type of departmental store regardless of the size. There will be big bookshops and other shops that will stock all types of goods that you would wish to buy. If you are thinking in terms of cafeteria, the LuLu shopping complex will have fast cafeterias with different menus across the board where you will be able to sample the best.

The first floor is slated for exhibitions and the halls are redesigned with this idea in mind. LuLu  shopping complex makes Kochi the city to visit whenever you are on a business trip in Asia. The spars, the shopping casinos, and the polo are among the exciting things that you will certainly enjoy at this facility. The state of art gym which is well equipped with the latest equipment will obviously be a crowed puller.

Experience LuLu’s Greatness!

Because LuLu is simply incomparable to other malls, its cinema, food court, leisure zone, Atrium, and Five Star Hotel will surely make your experience one of a kind. So if it’s your first time to explore LuLu, remember to experience all that you can, who knows, you might not go back in India therefore a good memory is something that you can treasure about LuLu.

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