Luxurious Shopping Centre in California – The South Coast Plaza

Luxurious Shopping Centre in California – The South Coast Plaza

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Luxurious Shopping Centre in California – The South Coast Plaza 300x225 Luxurious Shopping Centre in California – The South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is the biggest shopping mall in Costa Mesa, California.
A panel of 250 retail stores is established here. The luxury stores offer you a variety of items from jewelry to handcrafts and from luxuries to regular grocery. This establishment is spread over about 260,000 square meters and an area of 2.8 million square feet. The sale of it is about $1.5 billion which is considered the highest sale in the US. Nordstrom also admits this claim is true from the overall American state, as their highest sales are received from the this Plaza. That’s the reason this centre is regarded the largest mall in the state.

World Renowned Stores

It received an honor as The Ultimate Shopping Resort by a Federal Trademark in 2004. So many brands and other boutiques preferred to open at least one retail store within the plaza mainly because of its large crowd. A world famous brand Zara initially established its outlet in the market in 2004 in the plaza. Similarly a very luxury designer boutique “Chloé” has opened its second outlet in this centre. Rolex; a watch manufacturing company has opened their flagship at the South Coast Plaza which is really an honor for the mall. In 2002, a well known interior brand has set up a display inside that covers the area of about 40,000 square feet. Apart from these, there are plenty of other examples that show how popular and demanding this shopping can be.

Other High End Shops

Not only world renowned brands are earning good business in this  centre, there are many other worlds recognized brands that are rendering their services in the plaza. Some examples are Christian Louboutin which is a famous French owned brand when it comes to expensive footwears that most Hollywood celebrities’ are crazy about, there’s also Gucci which is an Italian brand famous for its clothing and leather lines. In addition, there are Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Harry Winston, Tiffany’s, Valentino and many more.

Other Features

At the boundary of the area, there are a lot of restaurants. Some most famous restaurants are Charlie Palmer and Lawry’s Carvery. Many special services like care taker, parking, lounge, pharmacy, salons, dry cleaners, banks, ATMs and even umbrella and hot drink services are also available right there for your convenience.

Activities to Enjoy

Have you heard about the Fashion Plates? This is an annual restaurant event celebrated for 10 days. Everyone can enjoy special discounts and rebates on high quality restaurant meal.  At these times, a great hustle and bustle is usually seen in this mall because many people want to enjoy the offer of tasty foods. For children, there is an ice rink, which is especially designed for recreation and fun filled day. Another area that is also designed entirely for the children is the playing arena which has the facility of bouncy ball, video games, different rides and many more activities for the children.

A Fun Mall to Check

So you see, aside from buying items and spending your money in this centre, there’s an annual event offered to give locals and tourists a tastes of delicious cuisines offered by different restaurants inside this mall. Therefore, it is obvious that this shopping haven is not just an ordinary mall; it comes with great features that any visitors would love to experience.

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