Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

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Want to have that breathtaking beauty like Beyoncé? Celebrate your dark complexion with the right choices of cosmetics and makeup tactics..

An overall finished makeup look depends upon how carefully one chooses the makeup items. When it comes to makeup, you cannot forget the importance of your skin tone. While choosing cosmetics, you should keep your facial skin tone in mind.

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Makeup becomes quite an arduous task, when your skin tone is dark. Women with fair or white skin have a variety of color choices. However, dark women have very few color options. Another factor that makes makeup a difficult task for dark skinned women is that makeup does not stay long on their skin, and it is pretty hard to create a matte-finished look. However, dark skinned women can use some useful makeup techniques mentioned below to look gorgeous.

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Pick a Natural Look Foundation

When it comes to makeup, the first and foremost step is choosing a foundation. While buying a foundation, take your complexion into account. Don’t go for very light shades. Always choose those shades that match your skin tone. The rule of thumb is to choose a foundation with a shade lighter than your skin tone. Before applying foundation, apply the translucent powder across your face and neck. Apply a good moisturizer before applying the foundation. One better option is to blend the foundation with a moisturizer to get the best results. Dry and shimmer foundations are not recommended for chocolate beauties. Women with dark skin should always prefer using a liquid foundation to create a perfect matte-finished look. Liquid foundation compliments dark skin tone better than mousse or dry foundations.


If you have discoloration or pigmentation, you surely need a concealer. It is very important to choose the right shade of concealer, otherwise your final look will be destroyed totally. You can choose orange or red shades of concealer to make your skin look brighter. First neutralize the darkness and use a powder to set it. After this, use a concealer that matches your complexion and try to blend it at the area where you have corrected the discoloration.


Dark skinned women should never avoid face powder, because most dark skinned women have oily skin. In order to get a perfect matte finish you should use a face powder according to your skin tone. It will help give you a fresh and glowing look. While choosing a face powder make sure that it is especially created for dark skin tone. It will help you get a perfect look. Make sure to never use a powder way lighter than your skin tone, otherwise you will look a clown.

Choose a Suitable Lipstick Shade

Choosing the right shade of lipstick is pretty important for dark skinned women. Women with darker skin tones should never use light lipstick shades. Do not go for red or orange lipstick shades, because they don’t look good on black or dark skin. However, you can choose darker shades, such as golden, dark brown, and maroon. If you are looking for a casual  look, you can choose lipstick shades like plum, berries, etc. These colors really look great on darker skin tones. You should use a translucent lip gloss to seal the lips for a perfect hot look.

Use Darker Blush Colors

While women with fair complexion brighten their skin with a blush, dark skinned women can avoid going out without applying blush. If you are creating a natural look, don’t use blush. However, if you are going to a party, you should use a blush to warm up your complexion. Darker blush tones always complement darker skin tones. Dark women can choose from a variety of dark colors, such as orange, coral, and wine. You can apply a darker blush color on your cheek apples with a big brush. You should use a cream blush to make it more prominent, especially if the powdered one does not show up on your cheeks.

Use Your Creativity to Apply Eyeliner

Before applying an eyeliner, apply eye powder on your eyelids so as to get a perfect matte finish. It’s important to choose the right eyeshadow color, because your eyes affect your look a lot. Dark skinned women can use a charcoal or gray colored eyeliner pencil. In order to complement your makeup, apply two coats of eyeliner to upper as well as lower eye rim. You can use a black eyeliner for a subtle look. In order to give your eyes a perfect look, use a mascara with a dense brush. Soft colors of mascara are recommended for dark women.

Apply Blended Eyeshadows

Light tones of eyeshadows are a complete no-no for dark skinned women. Such women should use blended eyeshadows. You can use brown and copper colored eyeshadows for looking gorgeous. Lighter eyeshadow tones do not look good on dark skinned women. You should use an eye foundation before applying eyeshadow to give yourself a perfect matte-finished look. Apply eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush on the edges of your eyes. Avoid using a shimmer because it does not look good on darker skin tones. Always prefer soft looking shades when choosing an eyeshadow.

Looking beautiful with darker skin tone is surely possible. It’s all about how you choose your cosmetic items and how artfully you apply them. If you think that your darker skin tone is a hurdle in looking beautiful, you are definitely wrong. Whether you have fair skin or dark complexion, you can always look pretty. It’s all about how you carry yourself. Choosing your hair color is also an important factor in making yourself beautiful. So use these simple tips and look beautiful

What is your skin tone? Are you happy with it? What kind of makeup do you think best complements your skin tone? Share with us!

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