Mall of America: The Most Famous Shopping Mall in the World

Mall of America: The Most Famous Shopping Mall in the World

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Mall of America The Most Famous Shopping Mall in the World Mall of America: The Most Famous Shopping Mall in the World

The Mall of America is a famous shopping mall known around the globe.It sits on a 4,200,000 square feet land area and is said to be the most visited and famous shopping haven in the world. It receives a massive 40 million visitors every year. Within this famous shopping haven, one will be able to visit a theme park, an aquarium, a comedy house, a flight stimulator, and a mini golf section. Despite being described as a shopping centre, for some this is a complete package and is more than just the typical.

What Comprises the Mall of America It is the largest shopping haven in the USA in terms of land coverage and is leading in terms of store vendors. It has a workforce of 12,000 employees and has a huge number of retail outlets, entertainment centers which include bars and other high end shops. It  is well planned with its level one housing Sea Life Minesota, Nickelodeon Universe, the Theme park, Apple store, the Microsoft store, Sony store, Samsung Store, Nikon store, Canon store and a lot more. Level two on the other hand houses shops, restaurant and many others. Its level three features food courts with a number of eateries, mini-golf, and Marshall’s. Its level four which popularly referred to as an entertainment level, houses the Hooters restaurant, Rick Bronson’s house of comedy, and a theater. Of course, let’s not forget its most talk about wedding chapel where couples get married and is gifted with a theme park which is one of the greatest attraction.

The Theme Park is Everyone’s Favourite Being the famous shopping centre  in the world, it’s not possible not to have attractions. It therefore comes with Nickelodeon Universe theme park which is an indoor part located right at the center. It comes with two roller coasters with names are as follows; Avatar Airbender and of course the famous SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge. Aside from these rides, it also provide visitors the chance to see its underwater tunnel with different underwater species to check including sharks, this is what they call the SEALIFE Minnesota Aquarium. The Perfect Place for Entertainment It remains the largest entertainment and retail complex in the United States and has hosted over 400 events. The place is famous and is frequently visited by American celebrities. It hosts musical performances and is one of the few places where new products are launched. A lot of charitable activities take place here and it also hosts movie premieres and celebrity book signing. Don’t Miss the Fun! It is surely an amazing site to explore, aside from its top boutiques and amazing foods and fine dining experience to offer, the rides are just exemplary! The underwater tunnel is simply amazing. By just basing the overall standing of this shopping centre on its amazing facilities, you can clearly tell that this shopping haven will last for decades!

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