Mall of America and  Sunway Pyramid – Two Biggest Malls in the World

Mall of America and Sunway Pyramid – Two Biggest Malls in the World

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Mall of America1 Mall of America and  Sunway Pyramid   Two Biggest Malls in the World

Almost all human beings have been to the mall, may it be for shopping purposes,
eating out together with friends and for most, to get away from their homes and bond together with their families to enjoy some fun filled moments the whole afternoon. Malls are recreation areas where you can forget about your problems and see a lot of different things for sale, from the weirdest stuff to the coolest one. Depending on what is your purpose to go to a mall, one thing is for sure, malls are part of human lives. It is where people do their groceries, buy personal hygiene stuff and a lot more. When it comes to the biggest malls in the world, two malls stand out; Mall of America and Sunway Pyramid. These are the two biggest malls in the world.

Mall of America

This great shopping building is situated in the Twin Cities of the United States. This mall is also known as Mega mall because of its size. No doubt that it is the most beautiful shopping arena of the world that influences people to visit and purchase varying products. The mall was inaugurated in 1992 and it is owned by the Ghermezian brothers who also happen to be the owner of the biggest mall situated in North America. Approximately forty million customers come here annually.

The mall has a lot of attractions for the visitors such as an indoor theme park that has been built in the center of the shopping mall. This park gives many entertainment sources for the customers therefore when family comes here, they do not get bored because there are unlimited means of interests for children as well as adults. Visitors may get entertained by the scuba diving, snorkelling, birthday parties and a lot more. A popular ride is the big attraction for the visitors in the Brain Surge that is obviously a different type of thrill.

What’s Inside Mall of America?

Of course you will wonder what’s inside the Mall of America? This mall was originally divided into 4 levels. The first level was mainly occupied by the theme park food court in case you get hungry strolling around. This is where you will also find the different famous brands such as LEGO, Apple and Microsoft store, American Girl Doll, Nickelodeon Universe, and Sea Life Minnesota. The Second level, which is the most visited part of the mall is consists of shopping boutiques and restaurants. Level three is where you’ll find two food courts to satisfy your hunger. In this level you’ll find 20 different kinds of eateries and a mini golf course everyone can enjoy. Now, if you want to get entertained then level four is where you need to go. It comes with a lot of entertainment such as Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy in case you need a good laugh, Sky deck Sports Grille and Lanes, and of course the theatres.

Sunway Pyramid

It’s one of the greatest shopping arenas of Malaysia that is in the form of a Pyramid. It brings to life the Egyptian civilization for you will see here a lion designed Sphinx adding to its beauty. This mall is incomparable; it is unique because of its construction. The shape of this building is in the form of a pyramid. This shopping mall was opened in July 1997 and is now connected to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. There are many Pharaoh Statuaries, decorating facades that are ideal for the interest of the customer. The whole shopping center is in a monumental style that is totally different from the other shopping malls of the world. It has a gross floor area of 4,276,945 square feet where you can find many fun points. We can say that shopping is a great entertainment in the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. It is unique from its construction point of view as well as entertaining sources for the customers.

What’s Inside Sunway Pyramid?

Because of its size, you can expect to see a lot of fun entertainment. This mall comes with a 12-screen Cineplex to satisfy visitors hunger for movies. In terms of fashion, it also has a variety of tenants you can choose from like GUESS accessories, MANGO, Converse, Billabong, DKNY jeans and a lot more. If you feel like skating, then this mall can cater your need for it has an ice skating rink! It also comes with a bowling alley for bowlers and a convention centre. This mall also offers fine dining and you can also choose from a lot of snack houses. Sunway Pyramid offers a total and whole package experience where you can also find banking services in case you run out of cash!

Be Part of these Giant Malls!

Because these two giant malls are unique and comes with everything that you need, there are surely no other malls in the world that can compete with these two. If you want to be part of a history, then be part of these two giant malls, being in these malls will surely let you experience a whole lot of things, meet new friends, find all that you need in one place and of course a whole day fun together with your love ones!

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