The Mall of Emirates: the Famous Shopping Mall in the World

The Mall of Emirates: the Famous Shopping Mall in the World

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The Mall of Emirates Shopping Mall in Dubai 300x253 The Mall of Emirates: the Famous Shopping Mall in the World

The mall of the Emirates is the most famous shopping mall in Asia.
This mall is in Dubai but was designed by American architectural firm. The mall is said to be the third largest shopping mall in the Middle East and sits on approximately 2,400,000 square feet. The stylish shopping mall was expanded in 2010 with a new extension which added more than 40 luxury stores on the mall. The architectural of this stylish shopping mall is brilliant and its design is magical. It has all types of activities for both young and old children.  Adults also find this place quite entertaining.

The Mall of Emirates is the Best Mall in the Middle East

The shopping mall of the Emirates is not only big, it is beautiful and the most magnificent mall in the Middle East. It is luxurious and boasts of a number of amenities such as restaurants, swimming pool, and many others.  It is one of the few centers of attraction that any visitor to Dubai must visit so as to sample the best of Dubai.  This shopping mall offers great shopping activities and houses all European and American brands. The shop also has several designer labels and has very interesting dining options as well as great entertainment zones. The fact that the mall is located at the end of Sheikhh Zaid road makes it a better option for guests who visit Jumeirah beach. The facility is well served with taxis which made it easier to access the facility.

The Mall of Emirates is All in One Shopping Mall

The ski Dubai is located in this mall and the facility has several windows from which you can comfortably view the ski and enjoy yourself fully. This stylish shopping mall is well managed and the general organization of the place is superb. Even though the mall is not as big as the Dubai Mall, the Mall of The Emirates boasts of great shops and several restaurants that are better than those found in the mall of Dubai. Walking around this mall is fun and one will be able to enjoy the best that Dubai provides. You will have plenty of bites as you watch and enjoy the snow dome and other many necessities.

The shopping mall of the emirate is a great area with standard restaurants and shops where you will be able to buy almost everything. It is an expansive facility and one should be prepared to do a lot of walking which is obviously good for a healthy body. There is much to see and watch at this mall and you will enjoy every minute spend at the shopping mall.

Treat Yourself!

Now that you know how modern and advance the Mall of Emirate is, then you must ready yourself before venturing into this mall. This shopping mall is not just about spending and buying the things you love but it is also a challenge, a challenge for everyone to keep up with its structure in order for you to fully enjoy it without feeling tired.

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