Best Malls in Munich

Best Malls in Munich

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Riem Arcaden Best Malls in Munich

In Germany specifically in the city of Munich,
the malls are really popular amongst people living in the said area and even to those who just visits. The majority of the malls in Munich offer free parking with limited time. Munich malls are so diverse that you can check on different stores, restaurants and bars. The capacity of these malls is impressive and some of them being part of the list for the best shopping malls in Central Europe. It is normal, for a city that is visited by millions of tourists and business persons every year to build massive and attractive malls to continue attracting tourists. Let’s now check on the best malls that Munich can brag about.

Olympia Einkaufszentrum

Since it was opened in 1972, Olympia is the biggest commercial center in Moosach which is a district in the North Western part of Munich. This mall is popularly known as “OEZ” and offers more than shopping. Clients don’t only come here to buy clothes, to grab a cup coffee, to meet friends, to relax and entertainment but most especially to avail of the service of its hairdresser shops! Most of its hairdresser shops close at around 12:00 military time or 8:00 pm so that working professionals can avail of a hair cut right after working hours. If you come to shop then Benetton, Espirit and Springfield are only a few of the 135 stores it has to offer shoppers. When you are tired of shopping, take a break, and be a part of one of the numerous events that take place here every day.


This mall is the most convenient mall in Munich with three level floors hosting 120 famous brands. Built in 2004, this Mall is trendy and with style. Because of the perfect location, being situated only 7 kilometres away from the center, it is accessible to all the tourists. Most tourists prefer to come here to buy souvenirs for their families back home because of its convenient location. The only disadvantage is the paid parking, and the fact that it is closed every Sunday. However, almost all shopping malls in Germany are close on Sundays. This is one of the best mainly because of the convenience it offers to all shoppers.

Einkaufscenter Neuperlach-pep

Munich is a city with a high level lifestyle and with citizens having an important financial power; it is not new if this city has another shopping mall that is considered to be one of the best malls in Germany. The clients that come here would find the latest trends of fashion in its 120 retail stores. The food area offers a variety of dishes and once you are done dining and shopping, you can entertain yourself by checking its cinema. This is the biggest mall from the Easter Munich side, and you can find it at Ollenhauerstrasse 6, 81737 Munich, Germany.

Funf Hofe

Funf Hofe is one of the most stylish and newest malls in Munich, which opened in 2003. It is situated exactly in the center of the city, making it one of the busiest and the most expensive mall. The shoppers can purchase items from its top-notch stores such as Zara and Marc O’Polo. As you will probably be hungry after a day of shopping, you won’t have to go too far for a good restaurant, as you can find some of the most exclusive German and international cuisines in its food area.

Visit Munich Now!

Come to think of it, Munich is a city which is comprised by some of the best malls in Germany. So if you ask me, the best place to go if you will be having your vacation in Germany then Munich is a highly recommended place. Of course, aside from the best malls it has to offer, there are other places to visit that will take your breath. So visit Munich now and don’t forget to bring your cash as you explore the best malls Munich has to offer.

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