Marvelous Shopping Malls of Sydney

Marvelous Shopping Malls of Sydney

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Queen Victoria Building Marvelous Shopping Malls of Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales as well as the most populous city in Australia. This greater metropolitan area had an estimated population of 4,627 million back in 2010. Sydney is also considered as the financial and economic hub of Australia which in return made the city very rich and economically stable.
When it comes to tourism, Sydney’s popular attractions are the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Of course, the shopping malls in Sydney are also part of their tourist attractions therefore let us see what this city has to bring us in terms of shopping.

Westfield Sydney

Westfield is located in the Pitt Street which is also known as the busiest street of Sydney. The mall is one of the famous malls of Sydney which attracts tourists all the time. Here you’ll find four floors completely reserved for fashion and 2 floors for dining. On the fashion floor, you’ll find all local and international brands. The shopping mall boasts its 130 retail shops and if you’re fond of local Australian designers, you’ll discover Arthur Galan AG, Ksubi, Fleur Wood, Zimmerman, Little Joe Woman and many more.

Queen Victoria Building

This building was built in the 1890s but it was transformed into a great shopping mall in 1986. Although the building is old but it is rich in culture and architecture. Now the building is the house of almost 180 fashion boutiques, home wares, jewelry, and all other accessories. While shopping, you can enjoy meal deals offered by restaurants and cafes. The most famous feature of this building is the mighty central dome; its interior glass domes and its exterior part filled with copper sheathed while its roof tops comes with smaller domes in varying sizes.

The Strand Arcade

It was built in Victorian Sydney in 1892, and is still present in its original form. This historical building shows a great work of art and architecture. It is one of the busiest shopping malls of Sydney; housing retailers like, The Nut Shop, John Azzi Hair, Elie’s leather Repair and Strand Hatters. All these have been trading here for many years. The mall is well equipped with designer items like garments, jewelry, gift shops and also cafes and coffee shops. When it comes to its architectural design, this building comes with a Victorian touch.

Sable and Argent

Like any other mall, it has stores with all necessary products like grocery, garments, jewelry, shoes, bookshops, gift shops and a lot more. In this mall, you’ll find a unique corner with two-wheel items. This is a store that only deals with cycles, scooters, and bikes. You can say it is a multi-functional store like a retail showroom as well as a workshop too. If you are one of the craziest persons when it comes to scooters and cycles, then this mall is for you.

Have Fun in Sydney Now

If you noticed, most shopping malls in Sydney come with history and some were established in the 1800’s. This only shows that this place has a rich history that is also an attractive feature to some tourists. So if you want to learn more about Sydney’s history then checking some of the shopping malls will do the trick.

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