McGuinness 20th Win Review

McGuinness 20th Win Review

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There are athletes that experienced a slide on their career as they reach their 40s. Most professional athletes, including drivers succumb to age. With younger, hungrier and much stronger competition to think of, it is not a small feat to win the TT 2013 at age 41. Considering the age of John McGuinness, he instantly became the hero of many middle aged men. Of course, he proved the value of experience in the TT 2013.

If there is anything that John McGuinness proved in the TT 2013, was the fact that he is far from over. The 41 year old motor racing champion from Morecambe pushed throughout the race and made a record 20th win. This magnificent feat can be comparable to the likes of Philip McCallen’s 1996 performance.

McGuinness Beginning

Born in 1972, McGuinness is an English pro motorcycle racer who races at the Honda TT Legends. John McGuinness was exposed to motorcycles in an early age. John McGuinness was raised by his father who owned a motorcycle repair shop. Though he wasn’t exposed to racing at an early age, he had knowledge of what a motorcycle can do. Winning in 1990 at age 18 during the road race at Aintree, this was the sign that he was meant for the race track.

6 years later, he had his first Isle of Man TT race. The same year as David Jefferies, he finished 15th during that time. TT 2006 was one of the best performances by John McGuinness. In fact, he won the hearts of fans by having a lap record of 127 miles per hour and finished the race with an average of 129.45 miles per hour. If people think that it was a fluke, then TT 2007 was yet another great performance.

Tough Feat To Make

So is anyone still surprised why John McGuinness performed well in the TT 2013? McGuinness already won the 6 lap Senior TT this year. And what made the TT 2013 even greater is the fact that he had to dig deep to keep the Dunlop challenge that has been on a run this year. He took the victory with a 10 second gap against Bruce Anstey. After the race, John McGuinness can’t hide his delight. In fact, he now has six senior trophies. This means it is one more greater than that of Giacomo Agostini. He is trailing by one against Mike Hailwood though.

Age and experience always matter in a race. This has been proven by McGuinness in his 20th overall win. With years of experience and knowledge how motorcycles work, he has 2 decades worth of experience that can be enough to win a race. Considering his competition against Dunlop drivers, this was a tough win for the 41 year old Englishman. Can he be considered an all time great in the next years to come? With his career far from over, there is always that big possibility.

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