Most Used Mobile Apps Today

Most Used Mobile Apps Today

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Most Used Mobile Apps Today 300x177 Most Used Mobile Apps Today

With the birth of smart phones, there are many mobile apps that people use in order to make life easier. Here are the top 10 most used mobile apps today that people all over the world enjoy using.


Most people use this app when they take pictures and post it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts because it can edit your pictures. At the same time, the resolution is not heavy and it won’t cause any lag.


People use Skype because of its chat and video call features. These are very important, especially when the person you are talking to lives in another country.


This application allows mobile users to store and share pictures and other files online to their friends, colleagues, and families. With a minimum of 2 GB free storage, this app works as an online drive.

Google Suite

Since most mobile apps run on android phones and these phones’ software are powered by Google, it is only fitting that Google Suite be on the list. As per, Google suite is considered to be the most used app in 2012.


This app has is one of the most active apps when it comes to smart phones since it allows their users to follow and interact with their favorite celebrities.


Everyone loves Facebook. Since the Facebook app allows users to take a picture, upload it immediately, post comments and share content using smart phones, social media lovers just can’t get enough.


Posting and compiling your pictures using the Tumblr software would be a great experience since this site was designed to do those things. Uploading is easy since the site will not lag on your smart phone.

Music Apps

Any music related mobile app is frequently used by people since it helps enhance the different songs stored on your smart phone. It also gives users a chance to edit the music for better listening experience.


Compiling your videos or watching them online through streaming videos via Netflix has been gaining popularity among mobile device users. It works like a theater on-the-go.

Temple Run

This mobile game is one of the most downloaded apps in the Android and Apple markets today. Since the game employs an easy and addictive game play, almost all smart device owners have this game installed.

Having a smart device and downloading different apps that will fit your needs, especially will surely give you a satisfying mobile experience. You just have to be careful not be caught up with trends as some may have negative effects. As the saying goes, “too much of something is bad enough”.

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