Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The 2nd Sunday of May is especially dedicated to all the moms all over the world. With that, we want to make this day very special for our moms and lavish them with treats that will make them feel special and loved. Finding the right gift is not that easy, so here are the top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you decide.

Massage and Spa Gift Voucher

You can treat mom to a day at the spa and have her experience a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. She can even have a manicure and pedicure to make her ready for a dinner date later.

Gardening Tools

Flowers are the most common gifts on Mother’s Day, but they just wilt in a few days. Give mom something that will give her enjoyment and lasting sense of fulfillment with a new set of gardening tools. If gardening is her thing, this will surely keep her busy. Mother’s Day will be the perfect time to help her get ready and bring her garden to the next level.

Personalized Quilt

Moms will forever keep the memories of the little onesies and special outfits that you wore as babies. You can infuse these memories into one quilt that has all the baby clothes that she has been saving all these years.  You can do it yourself for a more personalized touch.


Jewelry can be very expensive, but it can be worth every penny if you make it extra special by engraving names of the family members on it. There are plenty of online stores that offer this kind of service and you can choose one that suits your budget.

Guilt-free Money

If you ran out of ideas as to what to give mom on Mother’s Day, you can give her cash instead. Then, tell her to go shopping, maybe to a mall or anywhere and do not go home until she spends the money up to the last cent. Moms will surely enjoy her day out without being guilty for splurging shopping money.

Techie Gadgets

Mom has seen the evolution of cellphones and television, and she might also want to experience the latest technology today. You can give her a new smartphone or a flat screen TV that she can install in the living room or the bedroom.


Plan a vacation or a simple weekend getaway with the whole family, friends or just your parents. Let her relax and unwind from the busy life in the household or office. If you have the means, you can even take her to a weeklong cruise.

Dine Out

Give mom a gift card for a dinner for 2 at her favorite fancy restaurant. If you have the talent, you can setup a restaurant-like mood in the house or in the garden and cook dinner to let her experience a 5-star quality treatment at home.

Sweet Treats

If your mom has a sweet tooth, you can indulge her sweet side with chocolate cakes or cookies that you baked or freshly bought from the bakery. Make it more special by writing a simple greeting on the cake or attaching a simple greeting card on the wrapper.

No Chores Day

Give mom a day off from taking care of the household. You and your siblings can prepare the meals of the day, serve her breakfast in bed, clean the house, and do the laundry and other household chores.

Make your gift selection simple yet meaningful; something that Mom will forever treasure. Even spending time together is enough to make her happy. Your mom will surely appreciate the effort so she can relax and be treated like a queen on Mother’s Day.

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