Movies About Time Travel

Movies About Time Travel

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One of the best science fiction movies is about time travel. Time travel movies capture the hearts of people because everyone wants to change something in the past and if only there is a way to do that, then everyone will be happy. This unachievable goal makes time travel movies a blockbuster hit when it comes to science fiction. Here are the top 10 movies about time travel.

Back to the Future

This movie franchise is the hottest time travel movie of all time. The story is about Marty Mcfly, a regular teenage student who befriended a scientist named Dr. Emmett Brown who was into time travel and accidentally sent Marty back to the past because of hoodlums chasing them. Since that incident, Marty had numerous adventures that would change his past, present and future, so as Dr. Emmett’s.

The Family Man

This movie is about an investment broker who was given the chance to glimpse the future of what he had given up when he was in a cross roads between choosing career and love. Jack Campbell pauses and reflects on his past and what he gave up for the glory of success. When he woke up the next day, he was no longer an investment broker but a tire exchange business man with 2 kids and a loving wife, the love he gave up over career. As he felt he was about to embrace the life of a family man, he is again tempted by fate by giving him a chance to choose between the life he had now and the life he longed for.


This movie is a story about a son who was unhappy with his life. One day, he had a chance to reconnect with his father whom he lost 30 years ago because of an accident. What he thought was a good fortune for his family turns out to be a disastrous ending for his mother because of changing their family’s destiny. In order to save his mother from being murdered by a serial killer, he needs to work with his father who is 30 years apart from him in order to catch the killer before he attacks his mom.

The Time Machine

Alexander Hartdegen is a scientist who was supposedly to marry his girl friend who died in a tragic accident. This very sad misfortune encouraged him to build a time machine in order to go back in time and prevent the accident from happening. However, no matter how hard he tried, his girlfriend will always die every time he will save her. One day, he accidentally time travelled 800,000 years to the future only to find out that the human race is at war and divided into two warring races.


This movie franchise is the most successful time travel action movie ever made. The plot of the story is about John Connor, the savior of man. The robots are sent to kill him in order to prevent any human resistance because machines rule the world in the future. John Connor was the target of all machine warriors and at the same time, his future self sends a machine terminator in order to save his past self and give human race a chance to win against the machines and reclaim what belongs to them and rule the earth once again.

Army of Darkness

A horror, comedy story of a man who was accidentally sent back to 1300 A.D where he has to recover a book of necromancy into the land of darkness and recite the words Klaatu Barada Nikto and pick up the book. Upon not reciting it properly, he awakens evil and now he has to help the people of in the medieval age in defending themselves from the undead creatures.


This action film is a story about a group of Archeologists who were sent to retrieve their professor trapped in the 1400 A.D France medieval war, only to find out that they changed the course of history as they were on their way to their quest.

If Only

If Only is a romantic love story of a man who neglects his girl friend. One day got in a cab only to find out that soon, his girl friend will die in an accident. When he woke up, he was given a chance by the cab driver, who portrays “death”. Ian brought Samantha to places that she should see and know what it is about Ian before her untimely death comes, only to find out that on the day of the accident, it was Ian who died and save her.


This movie is a story of an ambitious architect who put work first rather than his family. Upon going to a furniture store, he met Morty, an enigmatic store attendant and gave him a universal remote that could give him the power to fast forward his life and skip all the bad things happening to him. What he thought was helping him backfired and allowed him to miss some important aspects of his family’s life. The remote started to overrule his choices and stick to all his fast forward programs.

Déjà vu

This action movie is a story of a cop who was sent to the past in order to save a girl from being murdered by a serial killer. Upon investigating and tracing the steps of the ruthless killer, he falls in love with the girl he was trying to save and found out that the criminal was out to blow up a boat filled with hundreds of people.

Time travel movies have always been a hit among movie lovers, young and old alike. What’s great about them is that each film has a lesson to learn – what you do in the past will always have an effect on the present, and ultimately the future.

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