NASCAR’s Sanctioned Racing Series

NASCAR’s Sanctioned Racing Series

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NASCAR 300x123 NASCARs Sanctioned Racing Series

Basically, NASCAR is known as a renowned family of operated business venture that substantially deals in the activities of sanctioning and governing a number of auto racing events. This organization was founded in the year 1947 by Bill France.

There have been a number of sanctioned series by NASCAR, but the largest first three of every such sanction by NASCAR is sprint cup series(it was originally known as the strictly stock), nationwide series not to forget the camping world track. There has been a series of sanctions that are taking place by the NASCAR considering it is one of the biggest sanctioning body that not only operates in America, but most parts of the world.  Sprint cup series was established in the year 1949. The Grand National division is a NASCAR sanctioned series that existed between 1950 and 1970. There was also a NASCAR sanctioned series that existed in between 1971 to 2003. The most recent is the NEXTEL Cup series which lasted from 2004 to 2007. These sanctioned series have been top in the country having the best racing equipment.

There are a number of sanction series agreement that NASCAR has entered in so that it makes successful the whole event. It is as per the stipulated agreements that NASCAR will make attempts for the purpose of consulting the promoter on issues regarding to the postponement of a competition. However, any decision to be made on the postponement of a competition and the selection of the date of the activity will all be done by NASCAR.

As per the NASCAR sanctioned series agreement, the control and maintenance of the activities would be done by the promoter.  This would include warrant. As a controller and maintainer of the facility, the promoter is also solely reliable on safety of facilities and the people who are taking part in the racing activities.

For the sanctioned series in the NASCAR agreement, the sanction has been granted to the promoter aiming at competition. As long as the agreement on the sanction still holds until terminated, its effects remain, and the promoter is expected to organize, promote and as well hold the event. This is not limited to the mentioned activities but includes holding of the competition event as per the stipulations in the agreement.

When it comes to the NASCAR sanctioned series agreement on the issue of the NASCAR rights, it clearly gives the direction on what the live broadcast entails.

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