Natural Remedies for Acne

Natural Remedies for Acne

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Acne is said to be one of the most common problems by people in the Western countries. It also known that most acne sufferers are teenagers and young adults. However, there are still people in their late adulthood stage that are being affected by this condition. Therefore you can say that acne can affect not just western people but as well as anyone in the planet regardless of what stage they are in their lives. A lot of people have resorted to different medical treatments to get rid of their acne, some even visited their dermatologists for more than 5 years but still no improvement. You must understand that acne can’t be treated effectively using medical products and the best and only way to treat and kill its underlying cause is through natural remedies. To help you out, let me tell you the top 10 natural remedies for acne you can try all by yourself.

Observe Grain Free Diet

A study back in 2002 has shown that eliminating grains in your every day diet can significantly decreases your acne breakout. Let me put it this way, there are two different types of carbohydrates; the simple and the complex carbohydrates. Now, our body is capable of breaking down complex carbohydrates from vegetables rather than that of grains. Carbohydrates found on vegetables are broken down slowly leading to a slow production of insulin and on the other hand grain carbohydrates are faster to break down which in return produces rapid insulin as well as IGF-1 which is insulin like growth factor. These factors contribute to a rapid secretion of sebum thus resulting to acne bacteria! So having a grain free diet is one sure way to treat acne naturally and effectively.

Avoid Milk Iodine Products

For some who doesn’t know, milk contains a good amount of iodine which is a number one factor that an acne sufferer must avoid. It has been established way back in 1960’s that iodine definitely aggravates acne condition. Most dermatologists would agree that milk and dairy products have connections to most acne breakouts. Milk and iodine are well connected mainly because farmers are feeding their cows with iodine fortified feeds. Now, make sure to avoid milk iodine products to avoid worsening your acne condition.

Live a Stress Free Life

I know stress is everywhere and it seems that your life isn’t complete without it! It’s already part of human lives, however you need to know how to balance your stress. You can opt for a good stress management program because stress is another contributing factor that causes acne. Studies with the help of most college students have proven that stress plays a vital role in getting rid of acne. Students who were about to take their final exams who doesn’t know how to managed stress have shown significant results of acne breakout as compared to those students who knows how to manage their stress. In addition, stress can also burn out your adrenal glands which are hormone secreting glands that can also worsen acne.

Take Sufficient Amount of Water

A well hydrated body only means a healthy skin! Drink enough amount of water every day to be able to get rid of dead skin cells, purify your entire system and even facilitates the growth of your cells. Water can also help you in the process of eliminating wastes in your body. This is a good natural way to battle acne and spend nothing at all.

Exercise Everyday

Another better way to avoid acne is observing the right exercise regimen. Don’t you know that through intense exercises you are able to flush out harmful toxins out of your body and it even includes toxins found in your pores. Bear in mind that the more you sweat only means that the more you sweat out harmful debris in your pores. So exercise daily is the key to help you battle acne.

Observe Good Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping is also a good natural way to avoid acne. You must make sure to observe a good sleeping pattern for it is during your sleep that your body starts its full healing and regeneration process. Sleeping sufficiently also helps you lessen stress and provides your body the needed energy on the next day! So be sure to sleep well every night.

Sufficient Amount of Vitamin D

Another better way to improve your immune system is to have enough amount of vitamin D in your system. By having a boosted immune system means your body can naturally battle bacteria and maintain balance in health. The best way is to expose yourself in sunlight, expose yourself to UV rays daily without getting any sun burn! Just enough before your skin color turns pinkish. You can also opt for oral supplement of vitamin D if needed.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Natural ways also mean using some herbal remedies. One natural remedy to battle acne is the use of 100% pure Aloe Vera gel. If you notice erupting acne on your cheek, chest, chin or wherever that is you can immediately apply an Aloe Vera gel that is pure natural because it comes with soothing and healing effects. Never use those that found in the market that have already been processed. Again, this only works if its 100% natural.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is another natural way to get rid of acne, for it acts like a toner on your skin. However you must see to it that you don’t use it always for it could harm your skin too. It is said that Lemon juice can dramatically decrease the oil in your skin thus reducing the spread of bacteria.

Jojoba Oil for Excess Sebum

It is said that jojoba oil can significantly decrease the secretion of sebum which is responsible for the growth of bacteria in your skin. Getting rid of sebum is an effective way to get rid of acne too. Jojoba oil also acts as a moisturizer to your sensitive skin. Again, you need to make sure this is 100% natural and not man made products which comes with other chemicals that can worsen your acne condition.

Get Rid of your Acne through Natural Remedies Now!

These 10 tips are very effective to start your journey to a healthy, young, and glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of. Some of these tips needs discipline but always remember that the best and satisfying ways are those that are done in hard work and perseverance. So be free of your acne and start enjoying your social life. Don’t feel imprisoned all because of your acne, there are other wonderful tips and these top 10 are the best tips you can opt for.

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