Nick Diaz Trying Triathlon

Nick Diaz Trying Triathlon

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Nick Diaz 300x223 Nick Diaz Trying Triathlon

If you are a fan of Mixed Marital Arts, you will definitely recognize the the talented Diaz brothers. When Nick Diaz is not fighting inside the octagon, you can see him do triathlons. Finishing 36th in an Ironman competition, he has a bright future in the sport. Known for his wars with Carlos Condit, BJ Penn and St. Pierre, Nick Diaz is known for his infinite gas tank. Over the years, he developed a trademark never non-stop approach in a fight.

Triathlon As a Sport

Triathlon involves three disciplines. You need to know how to swim, ride the bike and run for the last stretch. Over the years, Nick Diaz incorporated Triathlon as part of his Mixed Martial Arts training. Triathlon is known to test your cardio and your overall capacity to push for long periods of time. It has been noted that, with his previous fights, he went for Triathlon events in order to build his cardio prior to the fights. Is this really helpful?

The typical muscles that you will develop running long distance ironman triathlon tournaments are basically slow twitch muscle fibers. This can be helpful especially when fighting championship title fights. In the UFC, you need to endure 5 rounds during championship matches. Given the 5 minute duration of each round, it is no secret how striking and grappling can take its toll on the human body if you are not trained for sustained periods of activity.

BJ Penn and Nick Diaz Fight

A good example of Nick Diaz’s ability to withstand fatigue is fight against BJ Penn. Though it was a fight against the larger Penn who already captured the 170 title during his heydays, Nick Diaz proved how a combination of boxing and relentless activity can break someone down. BJ Penn after three rounds lost and contemplated retirement. Looking at BJ Penn after the fight, it showed how fatigue and years of fighting finally caught up with him. The younger and fresher Nick Diaz proved in that fight that he has what it takes for a title fight.

Triathlon and Fighting

There is a potential cross training practice for high caliber fighters to try triathlons. Whether it is a sprint triathlon or a long distance triathlon, the fact that your body is made to perform different activities for prolonged periods of time, this can instantly bring you the best results in terms of conditioning. Triathletes have the ability not only to do things in a prolonged period, but they can also sprint especially when already facing the finish line in a close match. For fighters like Nick Diaz, this attribute is needed especially if they really want to finish in a dominating fashion. Over the last years, triathlons are fast becoming popular because of the fact that it involves multiple activities that can prevent burnout to someone who practices swimming, running and biking. For a fighter that is too bored on the usual runs and sparring, this can be a good way to challenge the body’s limits.

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