Obvious Signs of Jealousy

Obvious Signs of Jealousy

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Obvious Signs of Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions there is. It can lead to either way – the good or the bad. That is why when someone is feeling this towards you, whether in terms of friendship or a romantic relationship, you should really be able to tell. So here are top 10 obvious signs of jealousy.

Good News Response

For instance, you tell your friend about your recent engagement and you flaunt your beautiful wedding ring. Then, you notice that her response to your very good news wasn’t what you expected. That could be jealousy right there. You expect her to be as ecstatic as you are. You also have to be sensitive to what the other person is feeling because you don’t know what he or she going through. You have to know where the jealousy stems from because it can only get worse.

Ignores You

Being ignored is one of the worst feelings ever and you know that there’s something wrong when a person does this to you. In some cases, when you are about to tell exciting details about your trip, then he or she is not really that interested. Ignorance is also the most common sign of jealousy because the person would rather be alone or with someone else than be with you.


People can be very insincere with what they are saying when they feel jealous. They would be able to say really nice things in response to you like “I’m really happy for you” or “That’s really great” but they don’t actually mean it. This can be very obvious because sometimes it is just too good to be true. So you have to be able to sense the sincerity and genuine feelings that come with all what the other person is saying to you.


A jealous friend can sometimes do things that he or she would even regret after doing it. Things that you don’t expect your friend to do. When you inform someone about the current things that is making your life happy now, that someone might do things to turn things around for you. Sabotage can be a very critical and dangerous thing to do to someone because it can have different kinds of implications such as having no job or ruining a very important relationship. Jealousy can be a very powerful motivator for sabotage.

Competitive Behaviour

A jealous friend will try to outshine you in the things that you proud of yourself. He or she would exhibit competitive behavior that could result to destroying your achievements. You should watch out for this because this is not a good sign and this could mean that your jealous friend is out to get you. If he or she is capable of doing this, then he or she may not your friend in the first place.

Silent Treatment

In a way, this is similar to your friend ignoring you, but a silent treatment is way worse because this is like you don’t even exist at all. Silent treatment means your jealous friend is really mad or upset about something and that he or she does not really want to talk to you. You need not to be observant to notice this because this is very obvious. An example is when you try to tell all your friends about really good news and your jealous friend has no reaction at all. This also happens in relationships.

Gets Mad At You for No Reason

Now, this is the root of all the suspicion that you will have. No matter how hard you try to look for a reason, you can find none. You can’t recall something that you did or even said that could have offended your friend in any way. Sooner or later, you will realize that perhaps your friend is just jealous about something and he or she focuses her anger to you rather than herself.

Feels Threatened

When someone close to you feels threatened about something like your relationship or other external factors outside your romantic or friendly relationship, then there is a great possibility that that person is inside the jealousy zone. He or she may feel threatened that you are going to leave once you get everything that you have. They may also think that you will go looking for other friends or someone else, and he or she will be left behind. So you also have to be aware of feelings such as this.

Fake Smiles

Unconsciously, we are able to sense a genuine smile from a fake one. When you tell a friend something that you are happy about, and she or he gives out a fake smile, then you know that something is up. A fake smile is not a good sign at all. It could mean insincerity or jealousy all at once. Trust us when we say that this is a really big deal, and it is not something that you should just look over and ignore.

Copies You

When a friend is copying you, then you know that he or she is jealous of what you have or even with what you have all in all. It may be fun at first because you get to enjoy the same things together but after quite some time, you will figure out your friend is copying every little thing in your life. You will then realize that it is no fun at all, but it is creepy.  So it is about time that you think twice about your friend’s motives. Jealousy can come in different forms and can have many consequences. So you have to be observant and be critical on the people that you let in to your life.

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