Oklahoma City Malls

Oklahoma City Malls

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Oklahoma City is said to be the largest city of
the United States in Oklahoma. The city is at the 30th position of the most populous cities in the United States. It is famous for its livestock market which is one of the largest markets in the world. It has more than 591,967, residents. In this city, you’ll find many beautiful shopping malls which are as vibrant as the city itself. At these malls, you can purchase anything you want. So to fill in your curiosity, here are some of the popular shopping malls of Oklahoma City.

Penn Square Mall

This shopping mall has 2 level floors with a total of 1,100,000 square feet area located at the Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania Avenue intersection. This was originally built with an outdoor shopping style and eventually enclosed in the year 1982 to compete with other indoor shopping malls in the area. The beautiful ambiance of this shopping mall radiates people to come and buy from here. The spacious area provides a good shopping experience as you don’t feel congested or overcrowded and you can enjoy an easy shopping. This shopping mall comes with 10 screen theater’s for entertainment purposes and has a total of 6 entrances to ensure shoppers have easy access.

Quail Springs

This famous mall is considered as a super regional shopping mall located near Edmond in North Oklahoma City. It occupies a total gross leasable area of 1,128,000 square feet and it is the house of almost 160 stores where all necessary products are found. Its stores are the mixture of both local and international brands. The structure of the mall is very beautiful and shopper friendly such that you can easily find any store or shop. The mall also accommodates different coffee shops and restaurants. For entertainment purposes, you’ll find 24 AMC theatres within the mall.

Crossroads Mall

This shopping mall was established about 30 years ago, that is why it is one of the oldest and unique malls of the city. In terms of area, the mall is the largest mall in the metro region at the time of opening way back in 1974. Here you’ll find many branded outlets being the main reason of visitors’ attraction. Bags, clothing, shoes, watches, clutches, jewelry, household items, electronics and almost everything can be purchased in this shopping mall. It is said to house a total of 31 stores and services. This shopping mall is currently known as the Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads. This shopping mall will be re-brand and develop to attract additional business investors. The main difference of this mall from other existing shopping malls is its teen curfew where teenagers below the age of 18 years old must not be allowed to shop in this area. This is mainly because the management want to avoid any untoward incident that happened before when a teenager was killed back in 2006.

Satisfy your Curiosity

I know that you’re curious about these shopping malls. Oklahoma can be a great source of wonderful shopping malls yet it can also be a source of curiosity. Therefore, if these shopping malls have intrigued you, then don’t forget to make these malls part of your itinerary when you go for a vacation in Oklahoma City.

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