When to Take an Online Career

When to Take an Online Career

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When to Take an Online Career When to Take an Online Career

Online Career 300x168 When to Take an Online CareerWhen to Take an Online Career When to Take an Online Career

The world has already gone digital depending on where you live. Computers and the internet have had a major impact on how we live, work and play. One positive effect of the internet is that it is slowly evolving the traditional definition of “work” and “career”. Back then, a career was considered an activity done for at least 8 hours per day and 5 days a week at your place of work. Fortunately, now you can have a career by just staying at the comfort of your home and do the same. All thanks to the Internet! So, when should you consider taking an online career? Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to quit your current job and switch to an online career.

When you are in Between Jobs

In this recession, there have been layoffs that have left many people without employment. If you are one of those people, then it is time to revamp your career as a freelancer online as you wait for the economy to turn around. You can join one of the numerous online work communities, post your CV then look for opportunities on the virtual workplace. With the right approach, you can still pay your bills and add experience to your portfolio.

When You Are Looking to Make a Career Change

A career change might mean going back to school and this might not sit well with your current employer. However, if you opt for an online career, you can continue working while you attend school. This way, you can continue supporting yourself as you prepare for your new career path.

When Looking for an Alternative Income Stream

Even if you are currently employed, you may find that you need extra cash to make ends meet. This is when an online career comes in handy because it is a pursuit you can fulfill in your free time and earn money on the side. Freelancing will not only earn you some extra cash, but may also present you with better employment opportunities than you currently have.

When Circumstances Compel You to Work from Home

Are you the parent of a new born? Do you have a family member that needs intensive and extensive care from home? Do you have pre-school children? All these are circumstances that might compel you to stay home. If you need to stay at home and still make a living, then you should consider an online career. Working from home means you create your own schedule, and you can fit your work hours around your other responsibilities, thus aptly killing two birds with one stone.

When Looking to Break Out on Your Own

If you are considering being your own boss in the future, then a good place to start is by having an online career. This is very convenient because you can start as a part time freelancer while still holding down your regular nine to five job. As a part timer, you have the security of your job to back you while at the same time you build a name and reputation for yourself. Once you are secure in your reputation and have built your own brand as well as an extensive client base, you can let go of your day job and set yourself up full time.

To Quit or Not to Quit?

Freelancing is honestly a career that gives meaning to the phrase “your earnings will depend on how much effort you put into it”. This is a fact that I myself can attest to. If you’re a hard working person doing freelancing gigs, then you can honestly earn a sizable income that could give you financial freedom. Unlike working in an office, regardless of how much work you put into it, your earnings will still be fixed at the end of the month. So weigh things out and decide whether to quit or not to quit.

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