Outfit Tips for a Job Interview

Outfit Tips for a Job Interview

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First impression is vital when it comes to a job interview. Your potential employer will judge you from the second that you walk through that door and sit down for the job interview. Keep in mind that both physical and mental aspects about yourself are essential to your interviewer. So what you wear for your interview does matter.

Here are a few outfit tips for a job interview that will be very helpful for you if you have a job interview coming up soon or if you just want a little extra knowledge about proper outfits to wear for upcoming job interviews.

Rule of thumb is never go to a job interview in an outfit that you would wear to the mall, a dance club or a beach. Basically keep in mind the following words, “professional” and “classy.”  Always keep in mind that you want to give off a great first impression even when you aren’t speaking. Here are some outfit tips for a job interview:

Proper Outfit Tips for a Job Interview for Men

  • Nice classy suit (dark colored suits are more appropriate for interviews such as navy blue and dark grey)
  • Long sleeve shirt (plain white or a long sleeve shirt that is coordinated with the suit and tie)
  • Dark Beige, black, navy blue slacks
  • Tie (color coordinated with your suit and long sleeve shirt. Make sure that it is properly done)
  • Belt (stay on the safe side and go for a black or brown belt)
  • Dark socks
  • Conservative leather shoes
  • Stay away from flashy jewelry. It would be better having no jewelry for men.
  • A watch
  • Professional and neat hairstyle. If you have long hair, keep it slicked back with gel of hair wax
  • Have a clean shave
  • Neatly trimmed nails
  • Color coordinated portfolio and briefcase

Proper Outfit Tips for a Job Interview for Women

  • Suit (Focus on dark colored suits such as black, navy blue or grey)
  • A skirt that is below the knee (make sure it isn’t too short) and make sure you can sit down comfortably in it
  • Color coordinated long sleeve or shoulder length blouse
  • Heels that are at a minimum of 3 inches high, but not higher than 5 inches (as long as you’re comfortable in wearing them and walking around)
  • When it comes to jewelry, don’t wear too much of it. You can have simple earrings (stay away from dangling ones), a simple yet classy necklace, a ring and a simple bracelet
  • A nice watch
  • Professional and neat hairstyle (if your hair is long, make sure it is not in your face)
  • IF pantyhose is needed, wear a neutral color
  • Makeup should be light and natural
  • Perfume shouldn’t be too strong but sprayed on just right
  • Neatly manicured nails
  • Color coordinated portfolio
  • Classy purse (that isn’t too big or too small)

Here are a few other outfit tips for a job interview that you might want to remember:

  •  The night before your interview, be sure to try out some possible outfits so that you have options and you don’t have to rush yourself in getting dressed in the morning
  • Before you leave the house and before going into the office where your interview is, go to the bathroom and check yourself out in the mirror. Making sure that your outfit fits properly and that you are color coordinated. Stay away from dressing tacky!
  • Make sure your shoes are clean and polished the night before
  • Be sure you have everything you might possibly need for the interview such as a notepad, at least two pens (one black and one blue ink), your ID and wallet etc.
  • Bring breath mints and take one before you enter the office

Hopefully this article gave you outfit tips for a job interview. Be sure that you put focus on what you’re going to wear for your interview because your first impression is vital and could also determine if you get hired or not.

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