Best Overseas Malls for Shopping

Best Overseas Malls for Shopping

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West Edmonton Mall1 Best Overseas Malls for Shopping

There are a lot of malls all over the world that does not only fulfill the
desires of shoppers but also provides the needed items most tourists want when they go overseas. If you’re currently an overseas worker or maybe someone who is on a vacation and would like to shop for gifts to bring home for your love ones, then here’s a list of the best overseas malls you can check out when going for a shopping spree.

King of Prussia Mall

Because this is the largest shopping mall in the entire United States of America if you based it on the number of retail stores it has for lease, you can expect this shopping mall to provide all your needs. It has been constructed over a three million square feet area and is located in Pennsylvania. This is also a luxurious shopping center with a variety of retailers. If you want to purchase quality items, then you can expect the King of Prussia mall to have luxury retailers and about 400 stores to offer. This mall comes with 3 different food courts that include international and fine dining such as the Urban Outfitters, amount doubles, five down and Cheesecake Factory.

West Edmonton Mall

This is a one of a kind shopping mall that is known as the biggest shopping mall in the North America region back in 2004. Just like the Mall of America, this is also owned by the Ghermezian brothers. This great shopping mall is located in Edmonton, Alberta which is situated in Canada. Its first and main attraction is the Galaxy Land which is an ideal indoor park system that comes with 24 different amusement rides. The second attraction of this mall is the World Waterpark which is said to be the world’s largest indoor wave pool.

New Westfield Shopping Mall

This is a commercial center which is situated in the United Kingdom and is said to be the 2nd largest at the time of its opening. This mall comprises with a total of 255 retail stores to choose from. If you want high end experience, then this mall has the so called “The Village” where high end retail stores can be found such as the Burberry, Gucci, Dior, Tiffany & Co, Versace, Louis Vuitton and a lot more. So if you want to buy branded items for someone special then check “The Village” and see amazing high end designed items. For the retail stores, you can find LEGO, Mango, Marks & Spencer, Dorothy Perkins, Hollister Co. and a lot more. If you feel like taking a break and have a coffee, then the famous Starbucks is just around its corner.

Shop Now!

If you are currently in overseas then there are really times when you feel down, if you happen to be in the area where these shopping malls are situated then don’t forget to check its retail stores. Who knows, these malls might boost your spirit! So stop feeling low and enjoy the things that these overseas malls has to offer.

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