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Best Party Themes

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It is no secret that everyone loves to party and there is always someone who loves throwing them. If you are that someone, then hands down to you. It is not an easy task to hold a gathering that is fun and will make people remember it for the rest of their lives. So if you’re running out of party themes, then here’s more. These are the top 10 best party themes.

Retro Party

Dance to the beat of the blast from the past. Throw an awesome party that is dedicated to bringing back everything nice from the 60s, 50s or even 70s. You can have peace signs and colorful cupcakes everywhere, from the food to the disco ball. You can also have everyone to dress in a hippie clothing and wear those big headbands.

Movie Party

If you’re a big fan of movies, then this party theme is for you! You can have everyone outside the garden and set up a big screen and you can now start your movie party. You can also order loads and loads of pop corn for everybody to dig in and bring lots of soft drinks. Invite all your friends over and this way, you won’t have to pay for a movie ticket and watch a movie with strangers. Enjoy the bonding time that you have while you can, and maybe you can even do it every week.

Pool Party

This is the right party theme to have especially during the summer season! There’s not much to prepare for this kind of party because all you need is a pool and the people. Okay well, maybe you need food and drinks and music. You can invite your friends over and let them bring their bathing. But you have to be sure that the people you invited over will be on their best behavior because you do not want things to get very wet and wild. If you want to improvise, you can have a beach party instead. However, both party themes will still be as equally thrilling as the other.

Halloween Party

This is most preferably done during November, as obvious. It is that one night of the year when everybody can be anyone they want. People dress up as a pirate, Lady Gaga or even a vampire. You can decorate the place with pumpkins and face blood. This will surely spook everyone out.

Black Tie Formal

This is the formal party of the year; only if you’re up for beautiful women on designer dresses and dashing men on suits. This party will require meticulous planning from the decorations down to the food and music. You would want every little detail to be elegant and stylish. This is for very special gatherings such as anniversary and weddings. This entails a large number of attendees. You can have this in a ballroom or somewhere spacious.

Sleepover Party

A sleepover party is very fun for teenagers. This is the chance to bond with your friends and do something fun together like watching movies until dawn and talking about boys and girls without having to worry about getting heard. This would just require some of your closest friend and some popcorn or junk foods you feel like having. Maybe, you can also watch the horror movie you so wanted to watch but are too scared at the same time because you’re all alone in your room.

Greek Party

Everybody looks good in Greece. This is where the gods and goddesses reigned through time. This can also be a perfect theme for a party if you want to have something that is unique and interesting. It would also require a lot of effort in the decoration department because we are talking about big great pillars here. As much as possible you would want to create the Greek land as similarly close as the real one. This would also require the guests to dress in white or teal clothing. No jeans and shorts are allowed because it would look modern and it will just defeat the purpose of having the theme.

Mexican Party

Everybody loves Mexican food, so why not make a party out of it? It is great because it will be like no other party. People won’t have to dress up; a floral polo would just be enough. Also, the sombreros and bandanas should be present. Tacos and chili wouldn’t be absent in the food list because these are the best in the wide varieties of Mexican food.

Masquerade Party

This is an opportunity to conceal your identity for a night and actually have fun while doing it. People would be in exaggerated dresses and suits and in masks as well. Masks can come in different designs as long as it is enough to hide their face. This is like a black and tie formal wherein everything is elegant. It would require a lot of dancing so a big dance floor is advisable. This theme is also similar to Phantom of the Opera. It can also be the avenue for people to get to know other people and be acquainted with one another without having the fear of physical distraction.

Kiddie Party

No matter how old you are getting, you are never too old for a kiddie party! This is for those who haven’t had one when they were younger or simply for those who want to have fun and relive their childhood. You can never go wrong with balloons, cake and a clown. Your friends and family will surely enjoy this as well.

These party theme ideas will be the best with great effort and dedication. So no matter what you plan on doing, just have fun and enjoy the behind the scenes action because you’ll get the satisfaction when you see the look of happiness and gratefulness in your guests’ faces.

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