Perfect Guide For Shopping Malls

Perfect Guide For Shopping Malls

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Perfect Guide for Shopping Malls 300x139 Perfect Guide For Shopping Malls

Are you desperately looking for shopping malls? Do you want the best shopping malls to go to? There are millions of malls in the world today and knowing just which ones are the best for you may seem challenging.

From an expert’s point of view, here is the perfect guide for shopping malls.

BB PLAZA Shopping Mall

With its location next to the floors of Sungei Wang Plaza, BB Plaza shopping malls stand out as the shopper’s favorite due to its notable occupants. The mall includes a Metro Jaya department store and several jewelries lined at its entrance. The Café Al fresco is also located at the entrance of this mall and offers the shoppers a welcome respite from their shopping pursuits.

Central Market

The Central Market dramatically transformed in late 70’s and became one of the leading destinations to shop for arts and crafts. Once here, tourists will get to steep in the artistic and cultural atmosphere of Malaysia because of the skillful plies of artists.

Great Eastern Mall

The Great Eastern Mall is located along the prime “Embassy Row” of Jalan Ampang. This mall is the home to many stores including the British India. It also houses designer cafes such as Starbucks. The mall has a cold Storage Supermarket in its secure lodger.

KL Plaza

This is a mall famous because of its up-market purchases. KL Plaza has got luxury watch shops, jewelry shop and quality service beauty salons. The worldwide famous Planet Hollywood is also located here in this mall. When shopping here, you can also get great offers on food and entertainment.

Kota Raya Complex

This shopping mall is meant for shoppers looking for a great bargain. The complex is located across KL’s Chinatown and has an awesome collection of gifts. The Kota Raya Complex is a favorite hangout spot for many people especially on weekends.

Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex

The complex has traditional handicrafts available to the shoppers. These handcrafts have contemporary designs. There are also a considerable collection of locally made batiks, wood carvings, rattan trinket and pewter products. The Artist’s Colony provides an opportunity for tourists to mingle up with local artists and learn about their art and craft.

Plaza Low Yat

This mall is found in Front of BB Park and specializes in I.T related products like the desktop computers, laptops, notebook computers, and other computer accessories. The mall also has shops dealing in the sale of cameras, fashion, and leather goods.

Mid Valley Megamall

The Mid Valley Megamall provides leisure and food outlets. It has more than 430 shops, and also inhabits retail stores, Cineplex, and a one-stop ideal IT centre. Besides, this, there is a world of cookery delights awaiting you! Scarcely would there be a person who does not like this place.

Anytime that you have the chance, try and visit any of the above listed malls and get a shopping experience worth a life time. They will surely make your shopping enjoyable and worthwhile.

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