How to Look for the Perfect Manager

How to Look for the Perfect Manager

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Having a good manager can make or break a business.
The manager is the person who will be in constant direct contact with employees and who will actually get employees to do the job. The manager will keep the office together and determine the level of productivity and output. Thus, when looking for a manager, you have to know exactly what you want and the attributes that a perfect manager has that will propel your company forward. So what are the attributes of a perfect manager? Assuming that the manager has the entire set of academic and technical skills required for the position, what more could you look for in a manager?

Culture Fit

Every company has a culture, and it is vital that the manager you are looking to hire can be absorbed and can fit into this culture. If there is a misfit, then the manager will not be able to perform as well as he could be, and there will be constant communication breakdowns.

A People Person

A manager does not get the job done because of how well he handles himself, but based on how well he handles those employees who are on his team. A manager has to be a people person. This is not something you can fake; the best manager is one who is genuinely interested in those under him, their ideas, endeavors in life and their performance. Being a people person requires you to be connected more on a personal level of your employees, however you must still be firm and do not loose authority. A people person is like the “go to person” of everyone in the team.

Strong Communication Skills

One of the primary roles of a manager is to communicate instructions to people and to ensure they are well executed. The manager also has to listen to the members of his team to understand why things are not getting done as they should or what changes need to be made. Thus, a manager should have very strong communication skills. Although this skill can be learned and develop, yet hard work must be done to master your communication skills. A miscommunication can result to your projects failure and disaster in a team. Therefore, you need to check whether the person you will be hiring has a strong communication skills during the interview process.

Can Delegate

A manager’s role is not to do everything by himself, but to ensure that every person is playing their role and playing it perfectly. Thus, a good manager should be confident enough to share tasks and give responsibilities to team members for execution. If the person you hired doesn’t know how to delegate accordingly, the end result would most likely be a failed project. Delegation is important; it saves time and effort of everyone. If you know how to properly delegate, then managing such a big and hard project wouldn’t be an issue.

Crisis Management

Since a manager is in charge of so many moving parts, anything can go wrong at any given time. Thus, a good manager should be calm in the face of crisis. He should be able to contain a crisis so that the resulting damage is minimal. A good manager knows how to carry himself in times of crises or any sudden issue that may arise. He knows how to control his emotions and pretend everything will be okay, by doing so the rest of the team will feel more assured.


The manager is the pace setter for his team. Thus, a manager should be one who is enthusiastic about his work and can produce this enthusiasm for work in his team. While management is about showing the way, a good manager also takes part in projects from time to time so that he can set a benchmark for the rest of his team, and so that he can earn the respect of his team members. Being enthusiastic also drives other team members to be energetic to their designated tasks.

Goal Oriented

A good manager sets goals for each of his team members and for the team as a whole, then pushes and motivates the team towards achieving these goals. A good manager expects the individuals in his team to grow in their capacity to handle responsibility. He expects them to graduate from one level to the next as growth enhances the overall performance of the team. He encourages growth by delegating more responsibility. Through this, goals and objectives can be easily met and project done as soon as possible without compromising the quality.

Find a Good Manager for your Team Now

Finding the perfect manager seems to be impossible; however you should not lose hope. There are good managers out there, you just need to know how to spot a good one out of the bunch and make sure to hire him before he slips away. So when doing an interview process, you need to take note of these things to look for in a good manager.

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