Persian Gulf Complex- Mix and Match of Mall & Hotel

Persian Gulf Complex- Mix and Match of Mall & Hotel

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Persian Gulf Complex Persian Gulf Complex  Mix and Match of Mall & Hotel

Persian Gulf Complex is the beautiful mall in Shiraz, Iran.
The mall is also known as the name of Fars Shopping Complex in Iran. In terms of number of shops the mall is the biggest shopping mall of Iran. 420,000 square meters is the total area consumed by the mall. There are more than 2,500 stores, shops, supermarkets, bars, clubs, children’s entertainment places and many more. Let’s now take a tour to Iran’s beautiful shopping mall to see a glimpse of what’s inside.

Project Head

The construction of Persian Gulf complex started in 2006 and was completed after 5 years in 2011. The Royal Star International is the project head, which is actually a Dubai based construction company working in Eurasia regions and Middle East. This group has also completed 6 similar projects namely; City Center 1, City Center 2, Yazd Star, South Star, Shahr Star and Qishm Star.


For the hypermarket, the mall has reserved the area of about 12,000 square meters. In hyper store, you will find all the products of personal and daily use, luxuries and jewels. Many elevators are set in the mall for the convenience of the customers especially for the elder persons who can’t use stairs to go up and down. The theatre is also a part of the mall, with 6 halls. In these halls, each has a capacity of more than 150 people. A latest sound technology is being used in the theatre to provide a high quality service and entertainment to the customers. Also there are prayer rooms intended for those who want to pray in the middle of their shopping spree, emergency rooms in cases of untoward events, restaurants to fill up your appetite in case shoppers gets hungry, boutiques, branded and local stores, salons and spas, dry cleans, pharmacy, banks, an amusement park, playing area, gaming zone, cafeteria and many other facilities to entertain all its shoppers and visitors.

Mix and Match of Mall & Hotel 

This building does not only represent the mall, in the complex, but also there a huge and beautiful hotel named as Burj Fars International. There are 262 rooms in the hotel which provides all facilities to foreign visitors and to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. The stay in the hotel would be really very enjoyable because of the ad-on facilities such as; tennis courts, outdoor and indoor amusement park and convention center. Swimming pool facility is also there for the swimmers. Even a helipad facility is also available on the roof top of the hotel. In short it is well equipped with all 5 stars services. The staffs are also very efficient and well organized. They behave politely and kindly to make you feel special. Parking facility is also available not only for the visitors of the mall but also reserved for those staying in the hotel. There are 4 floors specified for the parking only and have the capacity to accommodate more than 55,000 cars.

Enjoy the Ambiance

Only few shopping malls in the world currently has a shopping mall and at the same a hotel to cater tourists. Because Burj Fars International knows how to take care of their visitors, this only proves that this complex is one of a kind with exemplary customer service and unforgettable shopping experience.

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