A Place of Diversity – The Shopping Mall

A Place of Diversity – The Shopping Mall

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A Place of Diversity – The Shopping Mall 300x198 A Place of Diversity – The Shopping Mall

A shopping mall is a place where you will find everything you need under one roof. All basic necessities are said to be found within the vicinity such as foods, clothing, jewelries, bags, shoes, eye wears, and a lot more.
This building comes with a lot of names, you may call it a shopping centre, an arcade or simply a shopping precinct however these terms all refers to one thing, a place where you can find a lot of retail shops, restaurants, and other entertainment amenities. Shopping malls may either be an indoor type or an open air or an outdoor type. When you say indoor type, it usually refers to a shopping mall that is enclosed and is fully air conditioned. However, when you say open air or an outdoor type of shopping mall, then this is somewhat a mall with an open space so shoppers can enjoy the day light with an open roof style building. There are also different categories of shopping malls and to educate you further, here are the different categories of shopping malls.

Super Regional Mall

This is the biggest type of a mall that covers the area of more than 800,000 square feet or 74,000 square meters and serves the area of almost 25 square miles. Here you can find any kinds of products in a huge quantity because this kind of mall usually caters a large population. It usually comes with anchor stores of more than three with a lot of retail shops.

Regional Mall

This kind of shopping mall usually occupies the area of about 400,000 to 800,000 square feet. Like the super-regional mall, you’ll also find almost any kind of products from regular groceries to luxury items. This kind of mall has anchor tenants of at least two that tend to be high end stores. Most of the regional shopping malls are tourists’ attractions because of its stores that are usually luxurious in nature.

Outlet Center

This kind of shopping mall is usually selling products that are directly from the manufacturers. Here you’ll usually find products that are discounted and some are even returned goods which are often at a reduced price of sometimes more than 50% off. These kinds of stores have started way back in 1936 and the first of its kind is the Vanity Fair which is located in Reading, PA.

Alternate Options

Because most shopping malls have been expanding to cater the needs of the people, therefore you can expect that most of the shopping malls have a lot of things to offer aside from satisfying your shopping plans. Malls have been a perfect spot for those who also want to unwind, relax and enjoy. Here you will find not just boutiques and retail shops but also entertainment zones packed with a lot of fun filled activities.

The most common activities that can be found within the vicinity of a shopping mall are the cinema or the theatres. Most movie lovers are only going to the mall to watch movies and not purchase anything. Some are even acquiring the services of salons and spas for relaxation. Not all shopping mall visitors are flocking inside the mall to shop and spend for fashion clothes and items, some are visiting to feel a different environment which is more alive and vibrant.

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