Best Place for Shopping In Latin America

Best Place for Shopping In Latin America

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Paseo Herencia Latin America Best Place for Shopping In Latin America

When you are touring Latin America and would like to do some shopping,
there are various places you can always visit and make purchases. However, there are a number of things to consider before deciding which way to go. You need to consider your budget, your available date to shop, what exactly to buy and of course which shopping mall to spend away your cash. These things must be considered to help you save time and energy, Latin America is a big place which you’ll surely get lost if you have no planned itinerary. So before deciding to go out and hunt for shopping malls, here are some of the best places to shop.

Pisac Market

In this case, Pisac market offers the best shopping botique’s in Latin America due to its closeness to the Scared Valley and Sacsaywaman. Here, there are numerous tour buses plying the Scared Valley road and you can never miss your bus. It is also important to mark the days when the market is open to avoid wasting your time and effort travelling and later find out the market is closed. Every Sunday and Tuesday is among the days you can be sure to go on a shopping spree at this wonderful place.

Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall

Paseo Herencia shopping mall is one of the best shopping malls in Latin America. This is an old village style shopping plaza which is composed of multiple small boutiques and cinemas. Entertainment options are also presented in this place and fine dining is offered in case you get tired and hungry. This wonderful mall is also just a few minutes away from Aruba’s high end resorts. This has 12 big cinema screens which use a Dolby Surrounds and also 3D features.

Machu Picchu

In this small sacred plaza just around the town of Aguas Calientes, you can shop for different items especially if you’re a tourist and would love to buy handicrafts as souvenirs. Here you will see a lot of hand crafted items such as modern pre-Columbian art. There are woolen items, some awesome pottery items and of course jewelries. You will also find a lot of market booths here where you can practice your bargaining skills.


Doing your shopping at Cusco can be an interesting adventure! There is a wide range of handmade articles which made it the best place for shopping in Latin America. This place also offers a great opportunity for most lovers who want some night time entertainment. Cusco is the best place to be if you’re into hand woven textiles. Here you will also find a lot of ponchos, scarves, blanket, shawls, hats, and of course sweaters made of wool.

Explore more of Latin America

Latin America definitely has a lot of meaningful places to check when shopping! If you shop inside a mall then you can expect to pay for fixed prices however if you want to really explore the different best places to shop for other specific items, then you must practice your bargaining skills. Latin America has a lot of challenging markets and places to offer so you can avail of great discounts and more items to shop.

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