Poisonous Animals on Earth

Poisonous Animals on Earth

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There are different groups of animals existing on earth and some we already have a firsthand encounter while there are some which we haven’t and we hope we won’t encounter. It is a fact that there are really deadly animals on earth that we don’t know of and some have not yet even been discovered. For a start, there are different groups of animals such as amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles. Now, we are going to rank the top 10 poisonous animals on earth regardless of their group. I know some of the poisonous animals here will come as a shock to you so hold on tight as we have our countdown.

The Box Jellyfish – The Poisonous of All!

Who would have thought that a jellyfish would be the most poisonous on earth? It has been reported that the Box Jellyfish victimized and killed 5,567 people way back since 1954. This jellyfish is quite venomous that once you are stung you will most probably go in shock, experiences a heart failure or drown in the ocean because the venom will really hurt and damage your system so bad that you can’t even reach the shore! Imagine how powerful that kind of venom is. The venom of this jellyfish will immediately attack your major organ which is the heart and your nervous system. You skin cells will also be damaged and sting by this jellyfish will 100% hurt and if ever you survived, the pain will continue for weeks!

The Boomslang – The Fangs are Just Big!

We all know that most snakes are venomous and deadly however one of the venomous and more precise when striking a bite is the Boomslang. This snake is said to have a good eye sight as compared to other snakes and can even catch or make a bird as its prey even while on airborne! Its hematoxic venom can kill a human within an hour and the worst part of it is you will see signs of bleeding in every hole of your body, such as eyes, ears, mouth, and even your sex organs which is quite freaking right?

The King Cobra – It Can Double the Dose

Next to the Boomslang is the popular King Cobra which is also known as a snake eater. This snake is not that venomous however it is capable of injecting its venom to its victims five times which means the effect will be as five times poisonous. Imagine getting a bite from a King Cobra. This species can be found in the dense part of South East Asia.

The Marbled Cone Snail – Capable of Killing 20 Humans

Don’t think it’s just a cone snail! This snail is different from the rest, pick this up and you might suffer from its neurotoxins that will cause you paralysation and your entire body will eventually shut down! The poison can last for days too which will give you severe pain, numbness in your body and a tingling sensation. At most times, respiratory distress is noted and the saddest part once you get stung is that this cone has no known anti venom!

The Golden Dart Frog – Don’t Dare Touch It

This Golden Poisonous Frog is quite attractive because of its color however don’t get fooled. This frog is the most poisonous dart frog ever in the group. This is usually found in the Pacific coast of Colombia and Papua New Guinea and is usually used by tribes in their darts or arrows. A touch in their skin will kill you and make you really sick. Their skin is coated with the so called alkaloid poison which can cause heart failure and fibrillation.

The Blue Ringed Octopus – Just the Size of a Golf Ball

Yes, this specifies is just about the size of a golf ball however its effect is gigantic. Its poison can also kill a person and the worst part of it is it can manage to kill 26 persons for just about minutes after the attack with its venom which doesn’t have any antidote. Unlike other poisonous animals, this one produces painless bites yet it slowly attacks your brain because it is neurotoxin and soon your muscles are weakened until your entire body is weak and gives up. Found mostly in Australia and Japan.

The Death Stalker Scorpion – A cocktail of Venom!

This is really a death stalker once you get stung so beware of this scorpion. Once you are stung you will receive its cocktail venom and start experiencing different kinds of symptoms. Its venom might not instantly kill you however it will make you suffer with its agonizing pain, muscle paralysis, series of convulsions and even coma until you die. Children will surely suffer if ever they got a sting from this specie.

The Hooded Pitohui – The Flying Venom

Have you heard of a venomous bird? You think I’m kidding? Yes, this bird is the only venomous bird on earth. Just like the dart frogs, this bird has the same features only that this has its poison on its feathers and skin. It is said that this bird has the most lethal and powerful venom that could kill you in seconds. However, because this one is not much seen outside thus it’s not considered as a threat and it can only be found in Papua New Guinea so travelers beware!

The Lanomia – Blends Well in Nature

This is a caterpillar and I’m sure you’re in disbelief right now. Please don’t as you might have encountered this caterpillar before but have not known it’s quite deadly. This itsy bitsy caterpillar has caused hundreds of death already and can prevent your clotting factor to work resulting to bleeding. It’s common and famous effect is the so called bruise blood as if someone hits you in the face! Human cells are commonly attacked. Expect this caterpillar not to be friendly at all.

The Banana Spider (The Brazilian Wandering Spider) – A world Record Holder

This spider holds the 2007 title in the Guinness World Book of Records as the deadliest and venomous spider on earth. What makes this spider scary is their wandering characteristics and can be found almost anywhere. You might get shock when you open your closet and found it. It is said its venom is capable of killing a mouse and could also have a potent effect on humans.

Are you in Disbelief Right Now?

Amazing right? Can you imagine such small species yet its effects are very potent and life threatening. When you visit a place especially when you are traveling, it’s not harmful if you do a little research and see to it what kind of poisonous animals dwell in such place, who knows you might encounter it in the future or in your vacation. At least you are prepared.

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