How to Prepare for a Big Exam or Interview

How to Prepare for a Big Exam or Interview

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How to Prepare for a Big Exam or Interview 300x180 How to Prepare for a Big Exam or Interview

The first step one must take on going through a chosen career path is taking an exam or interview.  Exams are usually being conducted by companies before the big interview.  The exam is very essential to be passed as it serves as a bridge to the big interview.

The big interview is an applicant’s chance to sell himself; his skills, capabilities, great attitude, knowledge, and experiences.  The big exam and interview never fail to make even the most veteran speaker nervous.  This fact will make the below tips on how to prepare for an exam or interview very useful.  Each applicant, even the best one should do the right preparation for the 2 big stages of the application.  Effort and time should be invested as well to get a higher chance on landing a job applying for.

Do research and review

Researching about the job position that one is applying for is very necessary for him to be able to get the relevant answers about the job itself or the company during the interview.  As for the exams, there are lots of sites that offer sample quizzes and tests.  Just try to choose the one that is closest to the field of the job position that is being applied for.  If applying for a teacher position then search for online modules and tests for the same position.  Take advantage of the technology, it serves as a heaven sent tool for people who want to learn all sorts of things.  Previous notes from college as well as the notes from and small talks with people who already got the same job are as helpful as those resources found in the cyber world.

Have a good sleep

Since Secondary school and college days, each and every person knows how taking an exam while being helpless due to lack of sleep is the best way to fail the said exam.  The same thing goes when taking the exam and getting interviewed for a job application. A person can be ultimately intelligent enough to ace the exam but still unable to answer a single and simple question due to mental block and an extreme tired feeling.  No employer will be impressed and interested on an applicant who seems to have jumping off to bed as his biggest dream in life rather than getting the job position that he is applying for.  It is best to allow an 8 hour sleep the night before the job application.  If it is not possible to take 8 hours of sleep due to a hectic schedule, a 6 hour sleep will do the same for a busy adult.  While having a good sleep helps a lot, it is not advisable to over sleep or to take one that is much longer than the usual as it causes nothing but an extreme headache and heavy feeling.

Do a light exercise and have a good meal

The anticipation makes a person more tensed and stressed than ever especially if it is about something that will either make or break one’s career.  To lessen, if not possible to remove the tensed feeling; a light exercise works best.  Exercising is proven to be a good stress reliever.  However, an applicant should not let all of his energy be spent on the work out that is why a set of light exercises like stretching, a 5 minute jog or 10 minute walking, jumping jacks, and some punching helps a lot to set the body and mind condition and ready for a new adventure.  End up the preparation with a good meal.  By saying a good meal, it means that it has to be composed of carbohydrates and sweets which are good producers of energy.  A rice meal with a cup of hot chocolate plus a small piece of candy never fail to make one mentally and physically energetic and ready to sign up for a job contract signing.

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