Things to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Things to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

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Some people like to go hiking. It is their way of enjoying their free time or simply they just want to experience the great outdoors. Of course, if one goes on a hiking trip, he or she must be briefed on what to do and well prepared with things to bring. So if you’re on your way to go camping with the family or friends, make this your checklist as we give you the top 10 things to prepare for a hiking trip.


This is probably one of the most important to things to have in a hiking trip. You don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere right? With this, you would be able to keep track of your whereabouts all the time and you’ll know where to go next without having to worry about finding your way back.  You will also be able to know your progress in the hike because you’ll know where you are in each time. You won’t have to leave marks along your way just like leaving crumbs or marking the trees. Also, be sure to have someone who knows how to read maps and bringing a compass won’t hurt too.

Bottled Water

This is to avoid dehydration. You have to take of plenty of water with you while on a hike. You can’t just drink from anywhere because you won’t know for sure if it’s contaminated and you might catch diseases. If you run of water, you have to make sure that you boil the water you found from somewhere first to kill the bacteria that will make you sick. Liquids such as water and sports drinks are the best to have while soft drinks and alcohol will not quench the thirst and in fact, it will just make you thirstier.

First Aid Kit

Not like we would want this to happen, but just in case someone gets hurt, at least you are prepared. Before you go on your trip, you have to actually learn how to apply first aid and thus you should bring one at all times. First aid training will teach you how to deal with specific kind of injuries and bruises that one might encounter.

Rain Suit

You don’t have to stuff a tent inside your bag when you go hiking if you’re afraid of getting wet from the rain. All you need is a rain suit and you’re good to go in case the sky opens and lets down a heavy rain fall. Of course, it will not only protect you from the rain but also from the heat. Weather can be very unpredictable and this can be very dangerous for your health if you’re not well protected.


When the night strikes, you must be able to keep warm with a fire and be able to cook your own food as well. We are suggesting that you bring something that can help you start a fire like a lighter or a box of matches, waterproof of course.

Extra Socks

You may not believe at first but extra socks will come in very handy. In case your foot gets stuck in mud or in water, you can change your socks to avoid it from smelling or getting sick. You will also have cold feet at night so you wouldn’t want to sleep in a sweaty and overused pair. If you go hiking, you are also guaranteed to take home a few blisters so you have to keep your feet protected.


Not only will your feet get cold but your hands as well; that’s for sure. As mentioned earlier, the weather can be very unpredictable and human body parts get cold or hot easily. These gloves can also be very convenient for carrying out dirty and harsh things. This way, your hands won’t be blistered because you’ll need them if you want to survive the hike.


You need fuel for your body to get through the long walks and climbs of the terrain. The best snacks to bring with you in the hike are fruits which will provide you with energy. You can also bring peanut butter, power bars, bagels or even candy. Just in case the hike gets longer than expected, you have to take extra food with you. You never know when you get stranded on a place then you will have something to make you last for more than a couple of hours. Keep in mind that you have consider bringing those foods that are light and can satisfy hunger at the same time.

Emergency Blanket

Extra blankets can be very helpful in case the weather jokes on you. They are also made of reflective material which will you make comfortable at any given time, like during the hot and cold moments. They are also very lightweight so you can throw it in to bottom of your bag and you’re ready. This can also be used as an alternative shelter in case of emergencies.


You can’t use your teeth to cut through anything. So be sure that you were able to pack a knife and cover it with something so you won’t hurt yourself with it as well. Every mountaineer should know that the best kind of knife to bring is the Swiss army knife. It can come in handy in various instances such as cutting twigs or opening canned goods. This way, you won’t have a hard time out there.

These are just few of the things that you must have in your backpack if you go hiking. Taking an adventure requires effort and preparation so you will be able to enjoy it without worrying about something that might go wrong. So if you think that you’ve packed everything that you might need on that trip, go ahead and have fun outdoors!

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