Despite Protests: Bahrain Hosts F1 Race

Despite Protests: Bahrain Hosts F1 Race

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F1 Race Bahrain 300x180 Despite Protests: Bahrain Hosts F1 Race

Bahrain hosted the recent F1 racing tournament despite the fact that there was a lot of tension and protests. There were sporadic clashes between the pro-democracy activists and the police. The government of Bahrain promoted the F1 racing championship as a non- political event though the opposition saw a lot of mischief in the whole event.

Securing The Circuit

The race circuit was securely covered with armored vehicles and policemen who stood in strategic places to ensure that the event was a success. There were accusations that the F1 racing championship in Bahrain was being used by the government to paper the human rights violations. The Crown Prince dismissed this allegations but instead thanked the over 15,000 people who had thronged the circuit to witness this land marking event. He stated that Sunday being the apex of the F1 racing championship more people were being expected at the circuit and the Bahrain government was prepared to provide the necessary security to ensure that the event took place as scheduled.

Perfect Platform for F1 Tournament

According to the Crown Price the F1 racing tournament 2013 was a perfect platform which would bring all the Bahrainis citizens, the government and the opposition on a discussion table so that the existing impasse between the political rivals could be broken. According to the prince the event was most likely to transcend the differences that exist between the government and the opposition. Though the early clashes had recorded some injuries, the activists announced that they would do everything to facilitate the F1 racing championship without compromising on their demands.

Bahrain and its stories a side, one thing that is certain especially when the F1 racing tournament 2013 championship is taking place  is the crowed that is expected at the circuits. Some of the roads are expected to be closed. Now that Europe which has been the hub in the F1 races has allowed other countries to get involved in this events, the event is now being organized across the globe and it is expected that countries which can be able to meet the minimum standards will be allowed to host this event.

Asia and the Middle East are some of the places where such a world class event will be hosted in the coming few years. The F1 racing tournament 2013 is expected to run on the first circuit. The reason behind this is the introduction of high speed tactics which leave the fans in suspense. The game has a number of cars whose acceleration systems are electronically designed.

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