A Quick Glance in the History Of F1 Race

A Quick Glance in the History Of F1 Race

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F1 Racing 300x225 A Quick Glance in the History Of F1 Race

The F1 racing history is a long one given that the race has a multitude of followers across the globe. There are rules and regulations which guides the race. This was not the case in the early days of the game. Formula one came in to existence way back in the 1946 when it was defined at that time as simply the motor racing. The race was also popularly referred to as formula A with most of the cars that participated in the races coming from Italy.

Very First History of F1 Race
The 1950’s version of the race, it included a number of formula one race cars there were 6 formula 1 races from Europe and Indianapolis. The first formula one race which was held on 13th of May had Alfa Romeo 158 defeating the legendary Juan Manual Fangio who was his nearest rival. Previously the race had been dominated by Fangio who had won the 1951, 1955, the 1954 the 1956 and the 1957 versions of the race making him branded as the master of the formula one race. Moss Sterling from the UK had competed in a number of games even though he was never lucky enough to win any of the game.

History From 1960-1973
The British drivers emerged on the scene in 1960s and dominated most of the races Lotus under the guidance of Colin Chapman improved on the championship and took it to a new level. It is Jim Clark who created history in lotus 33 by reintroducing a mid engine car. This action was copied suit by his competitors who all switched to the mid –engine cars. It is at this time that the British teams were able to win 12 championships between 1962 -1973.

Commercial Look of F1
In the 1970s, formula one evolved and became one of the most successful commercial activities of that time. The evolution was credited to Ecclestone Bernie who was able to transform the racing sport in to a multibillion dollar business. It is during this time that the Brazilian by the name Emerson Fittipaidi became the youngest driver to emerge a winner in any Formula one grand prix .Later; Jack Stewart challenged his dominance and supremacy. Jack Stewart and Emerson took charge and dominated formula one for the first half of 1970s. The technological advancement led to a number of breakthroughs with the introduction of monocoque and aluminum chassis which replaced the space frame design.

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