A Quick Glimpse in the History of Ducati Racing Bike Company

A Quick Glimpse in the History of Ducati Racing Bike Company

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Dukati Company 300x225 A Quick Glimpse in the History of Ducati Racing Bike Company

Racing history of Ducati dates back to 1950 after SIATA, a company in Italy announced its intentions to trade in an engine it had developed. This was barely one month after Italy was officially liberalized in the year 1944. The Cucciolo, as it was famously known, derived its name from the engine sound which was more or less like that of a puppy. The first generations of this type of engine were specifically made for standard bicycles, giving them unique units for motor-bikes for sale. After the sale of 200,000 Cucciolos in 1950, Ducati in conjunction with SIATA offered its Cucciolo-based motor-bike, a 48 cc bicycle of weight 44 kg (98 lb) and which had a speed as high as 64 km/h (40 mph).

The Ducati Racing Bike Company

After some time, Ducati changed its engine name from Cucciolo to “65TL” and “55M.” During a major expansion of the market, the arrival of larger motorcycles, Ducati racing bike company management responded promptly by introducing their first ever four-stroke motor scooter and a 65TS cycle at a Milan show in early 1952. Despite having received much appraisal at the show, it was not really a success. This led to only a few of these models being manufactured over a period of two years before it ceased production.

The Split of the Company into Two

According to the racing history of Ducati, the company was split into two independent entities namely Ducati Elettronica and Ducati Meccanica in recognition of its diverse electronic and motorcycle production lines in 1953. In the 80s Ducati Elettronica changed to Ducati Energia S.p.A. while Dr. Giuseppe Montano assumed leadership of the Ducati Meccanica S.p.A.. This led to the modernization of the Borgo Panigale manufacturing company with assistance from the government. Ducati Meccanica S.P.A., by 1954, had increased its level of production to 120 bicycles daily.

Motorcycling History

The Ducati racing Bike Company made history by being the first company to produce the first ever high speed bicycle. The bicycle was a 250 cc road worthy available at the time and was given a name, Mach 1. In the racing history of Ducati, it is believed that in 1970, the company started producing bigger designs, the V-twin motor-bikes and by 1973, it had released one with a desmodromic valve trademark design.

Caviga purchased the Ducati racing Bike Company with immediate plans to change the name of the Ducati Motorcycles and replace it with a name not very popular outside Italy. However, by the time the sale was completed, surprisingly, Caviga maintained the Ducati name for its motor bikes. As the time went by, Texas Pacific Group joined in the business and secured a 51% stake worth $325 million in 1996 and two years later, it grabbed the remaining share of 49% and became the sole owner of the then famous Ducati racing Bike

Ducati continued to change hands with more and more investors being attracted. This can be attributed to good management and the overall performance of the company.

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