The Racing History and Performance of Ducati 1098 S

The Racing History and Performance of Ducati 1098 S

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Ducati 1098 300x174 The Racing History and Performance of Ducati 1098 S

A product of the Ducati Bike Company of 2007 and 2009, Ducati 1098 is simply a special bike for sports available in three versions – the 1098S, 1098R and 1098. In 2009, the 1098 model was succeeded by 1198 while the other version of 1098R remained intact. The 1098 model is similar to its older predecessor 998 as compared to the 999 design. These similarities include the horizontally located headlights as well as the exhaust system which is non-integrated. It also inherited the single-sided swingarm from the 916/998.

As a top racing bike, the return to traditional design of Ducati was a welcome idea by most fans who did not like the 999 design. The three versions of Ducati 1098 designs were available in different colors; yellow, red, black with the 1098S design receiving a special accord from the colors on the Italian national flag – tricolore (red, white and green). This was a brainchild design of Giandrea Fabbro, a Ducati designer.

The performance of 1098S design

The person who designed this best racing bike equipped it with an 119kW (160hp), 122.6N.m (90.4lb.ft) torque. It has an average weight of 380lb (173kg) and exhibits a 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds while its highest speed goes up to an estimated high level of 290km/h (180mph). On the other hand, the 1098R designs have a 134 kW (180 hp ()), 134.0N.m (98.8lb.ft) torque. Generally, 1098 has the highest toque to weight ratio as provided for in the figure stated therein making it the top racing bike ever designed.


When Ducati 1098 S, the best racing bike ever was launched, it not only stirred road users but also made history in the racing world especially so, the Superbike World Championship. By trying to level the playing ground, the WSBK provided regulations that gave privileges to motorcycles depending on the cylinder number on the engine. Hence motorbikes that had few cylinders enjoyed a larger number of concessions. This made the Ducati’s V-twin design benefit on a number of these privileges.

Remodeling of the 1098 for 2009

During its last year in WSBK, Ducati surrendered 20hp to the 2007 competition alleging that the engine was at end of its design life. It further reasoned that it was going to be quite expensive trying to keep the 999 design competitive. As a result, in 2007, the WSBK regulations lowered the V-twin engine designs to 1000cc making it hard for Ducati to guarantee its 1098 production entry in the premier category. To counter this, Ducati was forced to remodel its 1098 in honor of a racing legend as well as improving the performance of this top racing bike.

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