The Racing Rules and NASCAR

The Racing Rules and NASCAR

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Racing Rules and NASCAR 300x171 The Racing Rules and NASCAR

NASCAR remains the largest organization catering for auto racing in the United States. Among the tournaments sponsored by NASCAR includes the sprint cup, the Camping World Truck, NASACAR local series and the National Series. Each of the competition has its own rules and regulations that regulate how they operate.

The Rules Governing The Point System Rules

The rules and regulations that govern the drivers and the points awarded at the end of each race are given to the drivers. There are different rules that are used to award points to each race. The rules outline the bonuses that are awarded to every driver and the circumstances under which the bonuses are awarded. Normally, the drivers that win the pole position and those that lead in most of the lapse qualify for bonus points.

Safety Rules

Apart from the guidelines for race, there are specific safety rules which have been enacted by NASCAR which are intended to protect the drivers especially after the occurrence of a number of fatal crashes that have happened in the recent past. The NASCAR rules are majorly concerned with building safety features in the cars that should be used in all NASCAR championship. The targeted areas include the seats, the rib cage protection, alterations in the chassis and placement of barriers along the track to be used by the racers. Similarly, NASACAR racing regulations provide that restrictor plates be put at some strategic places to slow down vehicles especially on courses that tempt the drivers to over speed.

Sprint Cup Qualifying Rules

All cars that occupy the first 35 positions on the table standings automatically qualify for the sprint cup series races. The other seven sports are reserved for the fastest racing cars which take part in the qualifications but which do not qualify of get the automatic ticket. The final 2 tickets are normally reserved for the Champion’s Provisional.

Champion’s Provisional

The champion’s provisional rule allows a former NASCAR series champions who may have not qualified from the qualifier a chance to compete in the race but he has to start from the 43rd spot. Every champion can use this provision for a total of six times every season.

Flags And Cautions

Every race starts at the point at which the green flag has been waved. It also ends at the waving of a black /white checkered flag. If a yellow flag is waved it indicates that the race is being run under caution. The red flag means that the race has been halted.  A black flag shows that a particular car is to be penalized.

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