Reasons Behind Bullying

Reasons Behind Bullying

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Bullying is one of the biggest and most sensitive topics there is today. Many kids have gotten hurt and depressed because they have been bullied. Worst case scenario is that there were those who died because of this. People have done campaigns to end bullying but there are still kids out there who are experiencing this. Before anything else, what really are the reasons why there are those who love to make fun of other kids or the so-called targets? Here are top 10 reasons behind bullying.

They Are Good At What They Do

It is very sad that some people find this quality something to be negative. A lot of kids are being bullied because they get a lot of attention for being good at something. This could be in any field like sports or being in the school newspaper. Bullies feel inferior among the kids who have amazing talents, that’s why they find a way to make it something to be ashamed of. They want their targets to think that what they’re doing is not cool but the truth is they just feel that their abilities have been overshadowed. They just want to be noticed and appreciated and because they are not, they take it out on others.

They are Intelligent

Intelligent kids are often tagged as nerds. They are very hardworking kids who want to excel in their academic works and because of their perseverance, they get higher grades than other kids in the school. They might also be even on the honors list. However, the bullies find this not cool. They always make fun of these kids for being intellectually gifted. That is why most of the most bulled kids are those that fall in this category.

They Have Personal Vulnerabilities

Children who have personal vulnerabilities like being an introvert or shy are more likely to be bullied than those kids who are extroverts and strong. This is because the bullies feel stronger and braver when they know that the person they are bullying will never fight back or stand up for themselves. This is why the only way to prevent you from being bullied is to be confident and let go of your worries and insecurities. When the bullies see that you are now more assertive, may be they will leave you alone.

They Have No Friends

When a kid is being bullied, he or she tends to be friendless. This is because some kids will avoid being associated with him or her because they do not want to get involved. The target will end up eating lunch on a cafeteria table alone or worse, inside one of the stalls in the comfort room. Having friends is one of the things to have to survive being bullied. That way, you will have someone to  protect you  and someone who you can hang out with all the time.

They are Popular

This is where the battle of the popular people begins. A popular girl will tend to bully someone who she thinks will try to outshine her. The bullies feel that the target poses a threat to their social standing or will try to break the status quo. Thus, the bullies will create ways to bring the target down to extreme humiliation and thus experiencing a complete social suicide. This is because they want all the limelight and fame to themselves and could not bear to share it with anyone. Especially if they feel that that person is no match to them whatsoever.

They Have Physical Features that Attract Attention

These physical features include being fat, skinny, lump or black. Yes, as horrible as this may sound but our physical features attract bullies. Almost any type will attract mean people if they feel that this feature is funny and embarrassing. Just like in the movies, those kinds with glasses and acne are always getting bullied. They are made to believe that what they look is an embarrassment. They are made to believe that there will never be another version of themselves that are better.  They are made to believe that they are ugly and that they don’t have a place in this world.

They Have an Illness

Kids who are different attract bullies, too. These kids are those who have special needs like autism or those who are in wheelchairs. They are made fun for what they are currently in and what they look like. Even though they did not like what happened to them and do not have control over the situation, the kids who bully them do not care at all. These bullies want to show to everyone that being different will get you nowhere and that being sick is no excuse at all.

They are Gay

This is the probably one of the main reasons why most kids are being bullied. It is because they have come out of the closet and became true to their selves. Bullies make fun of those kids who have very different sexual orientations. They think that these kids are very weird and different. However, bullying gay people are not only evident for normal people but also for the famous ones. They should be made role models because it is good to see that even though more people will criticize and judge them for who they are, they still choose to out themselves because it is the right thing to do.

They Have Different Religious Beliefs

Although this is very uncommon, kids who have different religious belief are also victims of bullies. This is because sometimes, their beliefs make them somehow weird in the eyes of the mean people, which in fact, they just choose to hold on to their faith.

They are from Different Racial Groups

This is what we call, the racists. Bullies often make fun of those that are from different racial groups such as black, Asian and etc. They like to think that they are so much better even though the truth is that we are all equal in the eyes of our creator.

If you know someone who is being bullied at your school or even in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to help that person out. Sometimes, all we need is a hand to hold that could make a big difference in our lives.

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