Reasons for Extreme Couponing

Reasons for Extreme Couponing

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If you are looking for ways to save on your grocery bills, coupons could be one way to solve that. Coupons can be secured from magazine clips or through online subscriptions on certain products from your nearby supermarket. Some people who are so obsessed with couponing take it to an extreme level that they buy their groceries at extremely low costs.

Here are the top 10 reasons for extreme couponing.

Why Not?

Couponing is one way of saving up on practically almost everything that you can purchase at the supermarket. If you look at other benefits involved in extreme couponing, it is not something to debate of. Everyone can have the chance to do it if you are willing to devote your time and effort in mastering the art of extreme couponing. Who would not want to shop for a thousand worth of groceries for less than 10 dollars?


If you are someone who likes to hoard or keep things in excess amounts, then extreme couponing could be something of interest. When you plan to buy lots and lots of groceries, you better prepare for a very big pantry or a spacious stock room that can hold all your purchases. Hoarders just buy stuff even if they do not need it or even if there are no possible use for it. How much more if you can buy these things for only a few dollars?

It Is Enjoyable

Yes, of course it is. When you weigh the benefits that you can get from extreme couponing, then you will surely enjoy the process of doing it. Most people do it because they have fun doing it. Well, talking about saving lots of money for your family, couponing will surely be enjoyable. To make it more pleasurable, involve your husband and kids in looking for coupons from magazines and newspapers. And when your kids grow older, they too will find fun and pleasure in doing it.


People who are into extreme couponing can work or be involved with other people who share the same passion. They can share tips and other sources which others are using and are effective. You can look up online for websites, support groups and other blogs who support the extreme couponing society. Even in your own homes, you can make this a family affair by having your children involved. You can schedule your afternoons with kids cutting coupons while mom can prepare snacks and dad works the grill.


Because of the huge savings that couponers make, they become obsessed or addicted with the things that they can buy at very low costs. The usual couponer will spend at least a third of the day looking for coupons in magazines, and even compile them in a clear folder which they will be using in their next shopping trip. Others will search for the supermarkets that offer the best promotions and deals. While in the shopping mall, extreme couponers will spend at least 6-7 hours shopping and looking for the on sale items and at least 2 hours when checking out. Those who are overly obsessed in doing extreme couponing cannot live without their coupons every day – searching through the neighbor’s trash during nighttime just to check for inserted coupons in newspapers & magazines. To top it off, others claim that they feel the adrenaline rush when they make a successful shopping trip.

Branded and Quality Products

When you are on a tight budget, you tend to buy generic or store-brand products since these items tend to be cheaper but still of good quality. However, if you are an extreme couponer, you still get to buy those better quality and branded products. With this, companies offer their items in bulk at discounted prices so that more and more people will buy their items rather than those generic products.

It Is Challenging

Making huge savings in your grocery bills is always a challenging feat. If you are an extreme couponer, the challenge is even greater. Because you are already obsessed and addicted to the idea of extreme couponing, you are challenged to really meet your objectives and goals every time you shop. Normally, a 60%-70% savings per trip is already enough, but if you are an extreme couponer, you want to save at least 90% or more than a 100% on every trip to the supermarket. There are others who want to challenge themselves by bringing only a few cash but fully loading the car with their purchases.


Some business-minded persons practice extreme couponing and then sell their purchases at regular prices or half the price. These will already make huge profits while selling quality and branded products. You can even sell online to your friends and relatives and maybe have it delivered at their doorsteps. You can even setup a Sunday yard sale for your neighbors to drop by and enjoy discounted products while you make big profits.


Buying multiple items of the same product will end up more unused items later on. Some items may already be reaching their expiry dates, so the best you can do is to give it to charity so that it will be used before it expires. You can donate them to your local food banks or charitable institutions or in disaster relief agencies.

Huge Savings

The #1 reason why people do extreme couponing is because of huge savings that they make out of it. If you buy items in bulk, you will make huge savings per item plus you will have plenty of stored food and supplies anytime. Shopping with an extreme couponer is no ordinary shopping experience. You will be overwhelmed with the stockpiles of groceries that they buy so they can maximize their savings.

Extreme couponing is not for everybody. You must be dedicated and be patient when collecting your coupons and when making your trip to the supermarket to make the most out of it. Extreme as it may be, you should set a limit. Despite the benefits, you should be aware of the possible negative effects extreme couponing may cause you and your family.

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