Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Today

Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Today

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Green cleaning has many benefits for you, your children, the environment, and the planet. It is much better to use alternative cleaning products than those commercial cleaners. What is with green cleaning and why should everyone must practice? Learn these top 10 reasons to start green cleaning today right at your very own homes:


People who live around you are one of the reasons to start green cleaning today. Frequent use of harmful and toxic commercial cleaning products will put your family especially your kids at risk for serious health problems. These may be convenient to use but think about its after effects to you, your family, your pets and the environment. You also contribute to the air pollution which is significantly higher inside compared to the outside air pollution. It also contributes to the increasing asthma cases in children because of the toxic chemicals found in commercial products that triggers respiratory problems.


The planet Earth is our home and every human being must be responsible in protecting and keeping it free from global warming and environmental pollutants. We must start green cleaning practices in order to save our home. Green cleaning reduces carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emission into the air that contributes to global warming. We must review our actions and start green living today.


Water is the most important natural resource to every human being, animal and plants. It is essential to keep us breathing. We need water to drink, cook, wash, clean and breathe. Without clean water, we will suffer from illnesses and even die. The use of chemicals and other unhygienic cleaning products are deliberately polluting the water sources. Today is the time to adopt green cleaning practices and we will continue to drink clean water in the next 10-15 years.

Save money

Commercial household cleaners are very expensive and contain toxic chemicals which are very dangerous to our health. In order to save money, start making your own green cleaning products at home and in the workplace. With just vinegar and baking soda, you can already clean your home from top to bottom and these are very inexpensive. Or you can buy green all-purpose cleaners which do multiple jobs, so you limit your purchases of different products for different uses.

Protect your health

Most commercial cleaning products contain toxic chemicals which are lethal to one’s health. You may be experiencing sneezing, coughing, headaches, skin rashes and many mysterious symptoms which will eventually go away when you are away from toxic cleaning products. These products also contain carcinogens, teratogens, neurotoxins, mutagens, or endocrine disrupters which should be out of sight in your homes. Green cleaning products must be used in every homes and workplaces.

Cleaning is easier

Having a few products for cleaning in the house is much easier to manage and handle. You remove yourself from an array of toxic products which are usually unnecessary. Instead of buying glass cleaners, window cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaners, vinegar and baking soda are your solution. These two powerful green cleaning tools can remove molds and mildew, clean windows, toilet bowls, glass, and many more. By making a simple all-purpose cleaner with these cleaning supplies, you can do multiple jobs in all surfaces of the house without switching to different kinds of cleaning products. These are also safe, do not stain your clothes and will not destroy your furniture and appliances.

Good for indoor air

The use of conventional cleaning products contributes to the higher pollution rate inside the house compared outdoors. Stored and used cleaning products release volatile organic compounds into the air which are associated with various health problems including damage to the kidneys, liver and central nervous system. Remove these toxic products and you will be able to breathe easier and more comfortably. Imagine yourself in an air-conditioned room while cleaning the toilet bowl? After a few minutes, you will have headaches, sneezing and even difficulty in breathing. In order to sleep soundly and comfortably, start green living today!

They are just as effective

You may have this belief that conventional cleaning products are more effective because it smells stronger and cleans up faster. It does not mean that green cleaners that have pleasant smells are not as effective compared to those cleaners. If you start using green cleaning products, you may find it quite challenging especially on harder and dirtier surfaces. Well, of course. The long years of using and not often cleaning them made those dirt and grime buildup quite difficult to remove. Later on, you will find that green cleaners are just as effective as compared to conventional cleaners and they are not harsh on the skin and to your nose, too.

Safe to use with kids

If you want your kids to help out in your household cleaning tasks, you can make a schedule and assign every member in the household to a certain task which is age appropriate. When you use green cleaners, you do not worry about kids using them in cleaning the stove, the toilet bowls and the kitchen sink. These are also inflammable and non-combustible, so you do not worry over kids coming into contact with flames. It is also safe for their health and skin, so you can pretty much solicit help from your little helpers around the house.


No matter how you give a lecture to young kids about protecting Mother Nature and if you are not setting your own example, nobody will believe you. If you set yourself as an example and start green cleaning practices in everything you do, you become an inspiration to others. They will do the same in valuing the environment, their family, their own health and the magic will continue working for others until every human being is doing his or her part in preserving Mother Earth. It is our responsibility to become role models to others so we all become responsible residents of the planet Earth.

Start your own green cleaning revolution today and make a difference to your family, the community, the environment and to the planet. Make your own green cleaning products at your own homes by using simple and inexpensive ingredients which are already available in your pantry.

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