Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Drinking alcohol is one of them many ways to enjoy an ordinary night out with the family or friends. It is also one thing that is always done on events such as parties. People who are always under stress and pressure drink alcohol to blow off steam and just relax. However, most people often forget the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages because it can be very addictive and fun at the same time. So read on as we remind and give you top 10 reasons to stop drinking alcohol.

Mind Your Health

Your health is the number one that gets affected when you drink alcohol in a regular basis. Alcoholism is very dangerous and destructive for your health. It is no secret that it causes damage to our liver. Alcohol does this to our bodies. The good news though is that recent studies have shown that if a person will completely cut off the amount of alcohol in-take, the damaged liver will heal by itself. If you continue to drink, the liver will not be able to go back to its original form because you are not healthy enough.

It Is Expensive

Yes, it is expensive. If you would just be able to save all the money you spent for all the drinks you’ve bought, you would be able to buy a house now. Okay, maybe that’s just exaggerated but you guys get the point. What you buy from the money you save will be something that you can be proud of for yourself, this compared to what you get from going home drunk and drinking all night long. Next time, you pull your wallet out of your pocket to but a glass of Jack Daniels, think again.

Improved Relationships

It is inevitable that a drunken person gets into a lot of trouble that might even lead him or her inside a prison cell. It is also inevitable that that person would end up calling his or her family to bail him out. Instances like this will put the family in a bad light. There will be arguments and fights that would only worsen the whole situation. So it is better to just quit and make the relationship with the family and friends better too.

It Makes You Fat

Drinking alcohol makes you gain weight. When you drink too much, your body gets filled with so much liquid and your body gets bloated. Research says that a glass of beer has the same number of calories to that of a bar of chocolate. Not only does drinking harms the internal part of you but also the external part. So, if you’re thinking of losing weight, drinking alcohol is a no-no.

You’ll Sleep Better

Yes, it is true that having a few drinks will give you a good night sleep. However, it is not true that it is an effective sleep sedative. In fact, it is just the opposite. Several researchers have found out that alcohol interferes with the normal sleep that we have. So if you ever had one of those days where in you were drunk from the night before and even though you’ve had 8 or more hours of sleep, you still feel groggy and exhausted, then that is the effect of alcohol. It interrupts our body’s ability to fall into a deep sleep.

You’ll Get More Accomplished

If only you were well rested and walking around with a healthy mind and body, then you are more likely to accomplish more of the things that need to be done. You’ll more energy and positive vibes to get through the day because you weren’t tired from all the drinking and partying last night. It would really make a great difference in your life even if you just quit drinking for one day because let’s face it, for addicts, it is that hard to quit. Baby steps are better than not moving at all.

Your Skin Will Improve

Aside from harming your liver, Alcohol also drains your body of the necessary fluid and water. This is because alcohol is diuretic. This will result to your skin being dull and dry. This effect is the same when you smoke. So if you stop drinking alcohol, not only will your mental and social life be better, but also your skin. This is very important because our skin is a vital part of our body, so it is just right that we take care of it the best way we can.

Reduce Risk of Diseases

When you are an alcohol, you are prone to a lot of diseases and one of them is cancer. This is not a well known fact to other people but we might as well start spreading this now. Yes, there is a link to alcohol and cancer. It can be cancer of the throat, colon, liver and etc. As more cancer research has been done, the more this has been proven to be true.

Your Self Esteem Will Improve

People drink to cope up with their problems. There’s this notion that drinking will help ease the pain temporarily. It makes one forget about their problems and sadness even for just one night of partying and fun. But the sad reality is that you can never hide nor run away from the bad things that you’re going through. When the effect of the alcohol runs off, you’ll just have to deal with the painful reality. The sooner you quit drinking, the sooner you will have to face your problems and the sooner you will find a way to move on.

You’ll Live Longer

Non-alcoholics tend to live longer than those who are not. Enjoy life as much as you can and live life to the fullest but how can you if you keep abusing your body by doing all those vices. So quit them and walk earth with a healthier mind and body.

So there you have it, reasons to help you decide whether to quit or not quit drinking alcohol. But I bet you’re considering quitting now. The next thing you should ask yourself is, “how do you stop drinking?”. Choose a better life!

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