Get to Know Red Bull F1 Team

Get to Know Red Bull F1 Team

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The Red Bull is one of the Best F1 Team which is based in Milton Keynes in England. This is one of the teams that is owned by a beverage firm Red BULL. This team has been impressive and has won three coveted championship titles in 2012, 2011, and 2010. It is the first team in Australia to win a title.

Team Members

The team boasts of great name of Sebastian Vettel and is directed by Christian Horner who doubles as the Arden International motorsport series team. This team used Renault Engines from 2007 and is expected to continue using the same engine with other Formula 1 Merchandise up to 2016. It should however be noted that the team has announced that Infiniti would take on the sponsorship of the team for the 2013 season. The team will change its name to Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

The History of the Red Bulls

The origin of the Red Bull can be traced back to Stewart GrandPrix, which made its debut in 1997 the team was then sold to Ford Motor Company in 1999 where ford rebranded the team to Jaquar Racing. In 2004 Jaguar racing Formula one racing team was put up for sale when Ford motors realized that he was no longer making business out of the arrangement. The Red Bulls which is an energy drink manufacturing company is purchased Jaguar Racing. The team continued to use the Cosworth engine which was developed for their chassis. The team had Christian Horner as the team manager and David Coulthand and Christian Klien who were to drive the team.

The 2006 Season

For the 2006 season, the team announced that it would use Ferrari engines. This was to conform to the rule requiring that it uses the V8 engines and this meant that the Ferrari and the Red bulls would use an engine with similar specifications. The red bulls continued using the Michelin tires unlike Ferrari who was using Bridgestone. Towards the end of 2005, the red bulls poached and enlisted the services of Adrian newsy who was a technical director of MCLaren. The second car of the team referred to as Red Bull RB2 was released and allowed to compete. The car had a problem of overheating.

The drinks company runs a program for young drivers referred to as Red Bull Junior Team which has sponsored and trained young drivers. The Red Bull sponsors other teams and drivers competing in the motorsport series.

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