Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

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The Earth is our home. As years pass, people are starting to forget that they have a personal responsibility to take care of their home. Pollution, burning of fossil fuels, and use of hazardous and toxic chemicals damaged the ozone layer and contributed to the global warming phenomenon that everyone is experiencing. So what can you do to stop damaging the ozone layer, reduce global warming and save mankind?

Here are top 10 things you can do to reduce global warming.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Limit your use of paper towels, plastic bottles and other products which cannot be recycled and add up to the pile of garbage that contributes to air, water and soil pollution. Choose products that are reusable instead of disposable. Newspapers, egg cartons, and aluminum foils can be reused in many other ways. You can even start a recycling program in your community or at school. If you recycle and reduce the use of disposable items, you will save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year from household wastes alone.

Change Light Bulbs

Your regular light and fluorescent bulbs may be consuming too much energy and adds to your big electricity bills. Replace the old bulbs with a compact fluorescent bulb which consumes less energy and lasts longer. In other countries, the use of regular bulbs is banned in every establishment and household and force the use of CFL bulbs. A 60-watt regular bulb replaced with CFL bulb will save you $30 throughout the lifespan of your new bulb. It also gives off 70% less heat and lasts 10X longer than regular ones.

Adjust the Thermostat

During the hot summer months, there is an increased use of air conditioning in the homes, workplace and in the malls. When the weather seems too hot to handle, try going outdoors. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air and beautiful nature. Open the windows and let the breeze come in. Turn down the thermostat during night times when the temperature drops a bit. While on winter seasons, you may add insulation to your attics, walls and install caulking or weather stripping on doors and windows to reduce heating costs. By setting the thermostat 2 degrees higher during summer and lower during winter will save more than 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Drive Less

Going to school, the workplace or the mall requires you to get behind the wheel in order to reach your destination fast. However, every time you use your car, you contribute to the increased consumption of gas and more smoke emissions causing air and noise pollution. By scheduling your trips, you will be able to save on gasoline and money. Try walking and biking or use the public transportation system. You may even go for carpooling. Make sure that your car engine is in good condition and your car is running efficiently to save on mileage and gas budget.

Use Less Hot Water

Limit the use of hot water when doing your laundry. Set your water heater to 120 degrees to save energy. Buy low-flow showerheads and energy saving dishwashers in the house. Run only the dishwasher at full load and schedule your laundry days to optimize the use of water. Avoid taking frequent showers and lessen the use of the tubs. It will help in saving energy required to produce it and save over 500 pounds of carbon dioxide in households per year.

Choose Less Packaging

Food and other products need to be properly wrapped and packed in order to preserve the freshness and prevent spills. When you go to the supermarket, avoid buying products with lots of packaging especially plastic materials. The packaging often ends up in the garbage bin and adds to the wastes in landfills and pollutes the environment. You can even bring your own food container or ask the salesman to use paper bags or minimize the use of excessive and unnecessary packaging materials in your bought items.

Buy Energy-Efficient Products

Your outdated refrigerator and washing machine may still be working but have been the major culprits in your high energy bills at the end of each month. When replacing old appliances in the home, choose energy-efficient models that will help cut down on your energy costs. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs which give off more natural-looking light and use less energy. If you plan to buy a new car, choose new models that offer better gas mileage.

Switch Off and Unplug Unused Appliances

Turn off lights when you leave the room, unplug phone chargers, microwaves, flat iron, and electric fan after every use. When taking a bath or brushing your teeth, turn off the water until you are ready to use it again. Appliances left plugged in will contribute to increased electricity consumption and water bills. By doing this very simple way to reduce global warming, you save on money, energy and the environment.

Plant a Tree

Trees are major helpers in reducing global warming compared to other means. Trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. It plays a vital role in the natural atmospheric cycle of the Earth which aids in the existence of the human race on this planet. A single tree will save the Earth from further damage and global warming. If you have the means and ways, start planting a tree today.

Be a Role Model

Spread the word, start your own plan of action to reduce global warming, organize a tree planting activity in your community, and create a biking club in your neighborhood. If others will see that you care so much for your community, people will begin to notice and do the same. Every good deed starts from a single concerned citizen and it goes on to the rest of the people in your community and the entire planet.

The road to recovery of Mother Earth starts from you. Global warming can be reduced or avoided if each of us who are responsible individuals looking forward to a better and healthier future.

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