Things to Remember in an Interview

Things to Remember in an Interview

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Finding a job is no easy task, but preparing for an interview is nerve wracking. You get so stressed out on what to wear, what to say and how to face the interviewee that you forget the very easy things that need to be remembered during an interview. Because job interviews or any other interviews are very important in every person’s career, you need to know these top 10 things to remember in an interview, so you look very prepared and comfortable as you face your future employer.

Your Resume and Professional or Job References

These documents may be not so important, but employers also consider the nonverbal cues that you are showing them. Prepare your resume before you go to the interview and place them in a sturdy folder which keeps the documents neat and tidy. If the interviewer sees that you are prepared and that you have a neat resume, he or she will assume that you are also like that. You will also be able to show him/her that you are organized, honest and open, which are very essential when applying for a job and he/she will respect you in return.

Prepare For the Possible Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

During the interview, the interviewer will ask you some personal questions which require personal and relevant answers. Your answers must be direct, honest and related to the present situation, such as emphasizing skills that will be related to the present job offer or things that will create a good impression towards your future employer. These possible interview questions and answers must always be studied and put to heart so you are ready anytime you have a job interview.

Be on Time

First impression lasts and nothing makes a negative impression than coming late for an interview. There are millions of people looking for a job and your job interview only happens once. If you come late, you will have a 90% chance of losing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Managers and Human Resource Officers have other interview schedules and they are always busy. Your schedule is a special time dedicated only for you. If you are late, he will think that you are not interested or that you are irresponsible. Make sure to come at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Dress up Properly

Going to an interview for any type of job requires that you dress formally and properly. However, make sure that what you wear is slightly appropriate for the position you are applying. If you’re applying for a maintenance position, a properly ironed jeans and a button down shirt may be okay, while a casual suit will work for a restaurant job. Always remember to appear clean and with proper personal hygiene.

Business Cards

Giving your contact information shows that you are open and available anytime you are needed. It will also show that you want to make a connection with company and they can communicate with you more closely.

Cellular Phones

Cellphones are important for communication. But if you go to an interview, make sure that your phone is turned off or in a silent mode so that you do not interrupt the interviewer or you show them that you are easily interrupted or disrespects them. For men, do not place your phones on your belt. Keep it hidden to avoid distractions and interruptions.


If you smile a lot, you show them that you are confident, prepared and cheerful. It will also give an impression that you are fun to be with and that you are friendly. Make sure that your job is a source of relief or happiness to other people. A smile is very crucial in any company because customers are more confident and comfortable doing business with you if you show them that you are friendly and care for them.

Do Not Wear Heavy Makeup and Excessive Jewelry

While makeup enhances the beauty and adds life to your face, going to a job interview does not need you to look like a clown. Leave the ear and nose piercings at home. For women, wear simple, classic jewelry, and men must keep their looks well-groomed and neat. You wear only light makeup; just enough to brighten your face and give you some color but not to the extent of overdoing it.

Be Honest

At the interview, your answers must be honest. During your interview preparation, take note of the possible questions and be prepared to answer them truthfully and directly. If you are asked about your skills, now is the time for you to brag about yourself, telling them of all your accomplishments and achievements but do not embellish it. Do not be ashamed to tell the interviewer that you are nervous. Even the interviewer is also nervous about you, so it is okay to express how you feel about the interview but do it in a calm and respectful manner.

Be Kind

It is always best to show respect and gratitude for the presence of your interviewer and for the time he spared just for you. Remember the words “Thank you” and “Please” and shake hands with a firm grip to show your interest and enthusiasm for the job. Do not dominate the conversation, but be open also. Keep your attention and maintain a relaxed and calm posture all throughout the interview. If you show that you are kind and a nice person, the interviewer will see that you are a good person and you are what he needs for his company’s success.

Preparing for an interview is very stressful but if you bear in mind these top 10 things to remember in an interview, then there is nothing to worry about. A prepared job applicant is the key to success and the possibility of getting the job.

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