A Review of Audi R10 TDI

A Review of Audi R10 TDI

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Audi R10 TDI 300x225 A Review of Audi R10 TDI

The Audi R10 TDI usually abbreviated as R10. It is one of the best racing cars from Germany and manufactured by Audi. Since its introduction, the car had been a force to reckon with in the classic Le Mans Series after winning a number of races and dominating other events. This car was unveiled in December 2005. It won the 12 hour maiden race Sebring and the 24 hour Le Mans series.



The R10 is a powerful car with a diesel engine that has turbochargers. The car utilizes the direct Injection (TDI) technology. It boasts of a 5.5 lit engine made from aluminum with its turbochargers supplied by Garrett AiResearch. It has 39.9mm restrictor plates mounted on the intake. The weight of the engine was estimated to be 220kg and was thought to be problematic to this car.


The chassis of the car is unique though there are resemblance elements with the previous models.  Its aerodynamics complies with all the new regulations. It has a rollover added to the wheelbase which is made a little longer than the V12 TDI engine.  The car has a monocoque built by Dallara and is considered one of the components that give this car the power it boasts of.


Audi increased its weight from 900kg to 925kg to perform in prototype car racing events. Extra weight allows this car to run faster than other air-conditioning racing car.

Race History

The Audi R10 has registered impressive results since its launch. In 2006, it won the 54th 12 Hours of Sebring and set a new qualifying record for the same event. During the same year, R10 participated in a number of Le Mans races including the Le Mans 24 hrs and Petit Le Mans and its performance was impressive. In the 24 hours of Le Mans series of 2006, Audi R10 took the first several positions in about 380 races. This was far much better than what R8 was able to achieve in the previous Le Mans races.  Thereafter, R10 continued to dominate the races until IMSA decided to change the season’s rules to push the pace of other competitors. In the 2007 Le Mans, Audi R10 won the 55th 12 hours of Sebring. The car continued to dominate the American Le Mans series. In the 2007 Le Mans series, the R10 proved to be faster than Peugeot with its top speed going up to 329km/h the car also set the best lap of the race at 3:27 and was finally able to reach a top speed of 354 km/h.

The limitations and restrictions saw Audi lose its dominance in the 2009 and 2010 races. The loss was attributed to smaller capacity engines that could not compete well.

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