A Review of Ducati 848

A Review of Ducati 848

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Dukati 848 300x225 A Review of Ducati 848

Ducati 848 is a lightweight racing motorcycles, which is both featured with excellent control and speed of more than 250km/h. In the recent times, Ducati 848 has undergone a number of upgrades in order to keep it updated with the current standards. As a result, the engine of this rather high speed motorcycle was increased to 140hp and the torque to 72.3lb.ft at 9,750 rmp.

Ducati 848 Specifications

In this Ducati 848 review, it is important to note that most of the features on this machine have been largely inherited from the earlier models – Ducati 749 and Ducati1098 which also inherited a number of them from its forerunner, the Ducati 999. Most of these changes have been carried out on the engine making the new model larger than the 749 model by 100cc and also a big EVOLUZIONE unit.

Evolution of Ducati 848

Looking at the chassis, the biggest difference that can be noticed between the Ducati 848 and the 1098 includes the brake calipers. Unlike the 848 monobloc Brembo calipers, which are cheap and low in spec, the 1098 GP-spec calipers are a bit better. This necessitated a way to help make 848 models more affordable as compared to the 1098 model. To make it a high speed motorcycle, the Ducati 848 has similar wheels (Merchesini) fitted to the 1098. However, it has its rear wheels fit with the 180/50-ZR17 tyre type and not the ordinary tyre measuring 190/70 in width. The Ducati 848 has also inherited the 1098 stunning shape. It, therefore, has ensured identical panels and body fitting. However, its exhaust, although specially designed for smaller engines, they appear more or less the same.

Recent Changes in Ducati 848

The 2013 model is provided with a more stylish wet clutch weighing 1kg less as compared to its counterpart’s dry clutch. In addition, there is a 2-1-2 exhaust systems outfitted with 2 lambda probes as well as a catalytic converter.


This model has been highly rated in the world of track racing super sport. During this year’s super sport shootout, the Ducati 848 makes a comeback with a big-sized blacker gun in form of the 848 EVO Superbikes. Unlike the original 848 model powered by the V-Twin, the current machine has been fitted with a hope-up engine, big brakes and a steering wheel damper which provides an increased performance for track racers according to a report from Italy about the 2011 Duxcati 848 and the first ride superbike.

So if you are looking for a motorbike that can give you the best performance and the one that is a little bit inexpensive, the Ducati 848 model is one of the best options available.

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