Road Cycling 101

Road Cycling 101

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Road Cycling 101 300x199 Road Cycling 101

In the world of cycling, road cycling stands out as the most popular method of cycling. Other forms that fall into this category include racing, recreational and utility cycling. In most cases, road cyclists are bound with the same laws and regulations that govern other road users – drivers, riders who may also be referred to as vehicular cyclists. Otherwise referred to as road biking, or simply bicycling, involves the use of a bicycle.

Types of Bicycles

Bicycles come in various shapes and designs amongst them are those which you can meet on road and they include recumbent, BMX, utility, touring, and racing bicycles. The most common road bicycles are those with drop handlebars, and that have a number of gears; but there are also those varieties with single and fixed gears. Most of the bicycles are narrow with high pressured tyres to allow great rolling resistance, reduction, and they tend to be lighter as compared to other types. Generally, the aerodynamics are light weight and this is what makes them efficient means of transport that are self-powered and can be used by people to move faster from one place to another.

Positioning of the handlebars is often lower than the saddle so that the user sits in a position that is more aerodynamic. Also a very common type of bicycles is the mountain bike, which is in most cases fitted with either a complete slick or a semi slick. However, this type is seen as the most inefficient, but with its upright riding posture, the rider gets a better view of other road users. This type can also be fitted with cargo tracks, mudguards, and other garnishes.

Emergence of Hybrid Road Cycling

In the recent times, a hybrid form of road cycling has emerged and is gaining popularity. This is the Cyclo-cross which is sometimes referred to as CX, CCX, or cyclocross. It is an off road bicycling. It should be noted that it is very different from the mountain bicycling. Save for the wheels, the cross bikes are identical to the traditional road bicycles. The treads on their tyres are specifically for riding on rough trails and unpaved roads.

Utility cycling, on the other hand, is yet another form of road cycling whose objective is to fulfill a number of purposes such as business-based cycling, leisure, and commuting. Examples of utility cycling are rickshaws and bicycle messengering. All in all, if you want to enjoy yourself as a road cyclist, it is important to note that the road safety rules are your shield. So use it well to secure your life and that of other road users.

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