Romantic Movies of All Time

Romantic Movies of All Time

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Do you want to feel like it’s Valentine’s every day? If you are feeling hopeless romantic, all you need to do is look for copies and watch these top 10 romantic movies of all time.


It depicts a tragic love story of two lovers who fell in love in a cruise ship, Titanic. It shows how love can make sacrifices just to save the girl’s life from a shipwreck. The movie will make your heart go on.

The Notebook

The story is about an old man reading a journal of her wife trying to let her remember of their love story. Their romantic story proves that love echoes deep in their heart no matter how many years had passed.

A Walk to Remember

The story is about a man miraculously changed by a woman. Despite their differences, they fell in love with each other. It shows the unconditional love of a man even when her woman is dying.

Dear John

Dear John is a romantic film about a soldier who falls in love with a woman. They struggle to fight for their love when the man was sent to war. They sent letters to each other to bridge the distance and make the relationship work.


Serendipity tells a story of two lovers holding onto the memories of one Christmas night. They are both about to move on, but they find each other again. Serendipity plays their lives that brought the love back they had for each other.

The Sound of Music

The story is about a frustrated nun who works as a trainer to the 7 children of a widower. She teaches the kids songs that make her closer to them. She then falls in love and marries the man. They prove how strong their love is even during the World War II.

Moulin Rouge!

The musical movie uses songs in expressing romantic love. It tells about the love of a writer to a star of an indecent dance known as cancan. The writer falls deeply in love with the dancer at Moulin Rouge.


The story is about a widowed bookkeeper who is torn between two men — her fiancé and her future brother-in-law. It is a classic romantic comedy that teaches the viewers about a love taken by choice.


WALL-E is features unusual robots who feel human emotions. The story starts with a clean-up robot on Earth named WALL-E. No matter how his programmer stops him, he falls in love with Eve, also a robot. Their love and adventure eventually save humanity.


The story revolves around a man torn between two things — his love for her woman and rescuing a leader from Casablanca. Watching Casablanca will make you feel the challenges that two sweethearts face, showing sacrifice and heroism.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your handkerchiefs and be ready to fall in (or out of) love with these romantic movies over and over again.

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