Rosberg and His Sizzling British GP Performance

Rosberg and His Sizzling British GP Performance

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Nico Rosberg 300x187 Rosberg and His Sizzling British GP Performance

Formula One today is so much different today. There is no longer a Michael Schumacher, and the title is always up for grabs. Though Red Bull is definitely dominating the race track, there are also some potential players along the way. If there is anyone who will fit the description, it would have to be Nico Rosberg. Born 1985, this young F1 driver has managed to sizzle in the different race tracks. In fact, this German driver is now planning to take the first place in his home town. But before we discuss the possible run that he can do in the German Grand Prix, it is worth mentioning how he claimed the British GP.

On Red Bull’s Radar

Red Bull is no longer sleeping because of Nico Rosberg’s British Grand Prix performance. Though Nico Rosberg is currently number six in the ranking, the small margin of lead makes it an anybody’s ballgame. Red Bull Principal Christian Horner is now stating that Mercedes is back on track.

Rosberg made his second win at Silverstone. Sebastian Vettel retiring from the track with 11 more laps to go, Nico Rosberg didn’t give anyone a chance. It was Rosberg and Hamilton who took the early lead during the first seven laps. Though Hamilton faced a couple of problems on his car, this set back was trumped when he ended with a fourth finish during the British Grand Prix. After Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton finished the race, they now have bumped Ferrari off the constructor’s standings to third place.

Mercedes and the Tire Durability

It was Mercedes that achieved most pole positions this season. In fact, the only thing that kept them from winning is their tires. Also, recently, they have been involved with Pirelli scandal. Some questions are also raced if it somehow affected the results. They have violated testing protocols set by the FIA. Other than that, according to the fanatics and the competition, there is no doubt that Mercedes today has some of the best drivers in the league. Given the entry to German Grand Prix, is Nico Rosberg going to have his hat trick victory?

Close Race

Nico Rosberg didn’t win the British Grand Prix without a fight though. It was up against the veteran Mark Webber when he beat the Red Bull driver by 0.7 seconds. Considering the fight that Red Bull is willing to give, it was a great performance by Nico Rosberg. He didn’t crack under constant pressure delivered by the Red Bull competition.

The thing with Rosbergs’ win was that he almost lost when he didn’t slow down when the yellow flag was raised. Fortunately, it was only a warning and not a penalty. The judgment was a crucial turning point which didn’t give Rosberg a 10 place grid penalty. If there is anything that Formula One fans are excited about, it is the coming German Grand Prix. With nail biting finish made by Nico Rosberg, a lot of people are actually expecting more from him especially the upcoming race is in his home country.

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