Get to Know the Rules of Engine And Gearbox in F1

Get to Know the Rules of Engine And Gearbox in F1

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Gearbox for F1 300x200 Get to Know the Rules of Engine And Gearbox in F1

One of the formula one race rules that govern the engines to be used in the championship requires that only those engines that are homologated by FIA with Appendix 4 be the only ones that are legible and which can be used in any event. The driver is not allowed to use more than one gearbox.

Penalty For Gearbox and Starting Point

If you must replace your gear box, then it is mandatory that it be replaced with one that has the same gear ratio declared. If you however fit it with a gear whose gear ratio is not similar the one that was declared, you will obviously have a penalty imposed on you.

The only exception to this is where the driver does not finish a race or is unable to start a race for reasons that do not have anything to do with a penalty imposed on him. Otherwise the gear box fitted must remain in the car for the 5 race sequence. If on the other hand the driver is replaced after either the first, second third or fourth event, the new driver must use the gear box that was used by the replaced driver. It should be noted that a gear box will be considered to have been used if the timing transponder is shown to have moved.

Rules For Changing Gearbox

The seal on the gear box may be broken once at each event. This must be done under strict supervision and at any other time before the second practice day. If the gear ratios are to be changed, the FIA technical team must be informed of the ratios you intend to fit. This must be done before the lapse of two hours after P2 has ended. F1 rules permit a change in the dog rings and ratios if the gear box is to be changed in the first day of the practice before the end of P2. The dog rings and the gear ratio should be changed under the supervision of FIA technical delegates who must certify that there is an evidence of physical damage to the parts mentioned.
It should be noted that the replacement of the gear box shall be deemed to have been done if the FIA seals are removed or damaged after being used for the first time. In the 2011 championship, each driver was allowed to replace a gear box without facing the stiff penalty that accompanied such an act.

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